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Democrats and COVID Restrictions Forever

Democrats and COVID Restrictions Forever
The party’s pinata that never stops giving.
By Don Feder

“Social control is best managed through fear.” – scientist/author Michael Crichton in his 2006 novel Next.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” — FDR.

“Fear whatever we tell you to fear.” — Shaman Anthony Fauci.

Every day it’s a different story – another flip flop or belly flop – from another eminent authority or revered agency (the CDC, Dr. Fascista, the Geezer-in-chief, Nanny Nancy, the National Institutes for Driving Us All F—ing Nuts).

Get vaccinated (but forget the tens of thousands streaming across the border who are infected). Wear a face mask. But, you don’t need to wear one if you’re vaccinated. Wear it anyway. COVID is spread by motorcycle rallies in South Dakota, but not by birthday parties for hundreds on Martha’s Vineyard. Kids can only go back to school when the NEA says so, but they’ll still have to wear HAZMAT suits.

Be especially careful around the elderly and other vulnerable groups, unless you’re Andrew Cuomo, who can shove recovering COVID patients in nursing homes with those most at risk, killing thousands.

Thanks to Big Mother, members of Congress need a face mask to sit in the House of Representatives, but illegal aliens are welcome, including those who test positive for COVID, including those who refuse to be vaccinated. (The mayor of McAllen, TX just announced that since mid-February, 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 “aliens” have been released into his city.) Nothing must slow the influx of Future Democrats of America.

As long as there’s one Democrat in office anywhere in the United States, the “crisis” will never end.

A Delta Variant lockdown could be on the way – to destroy what’s left of restaurants and stores. Starting in September, Bill de Blasio, Gauleiter of the Big Apple, will exclude the unvaccinated from restaurants and indoor entertainment.

The Democrats’ media allies will lovingly report new cases — not deaths, or hospitalizations, just cases.

President Biden will try to shame you – threaten to drag you from your home to the nearest vaccination center, devise increasingly absurd and humiliating regulations. Some have suggested that parents should wear face masks at home, around their unvaccinated children.

Covid-19 is the best thing to happen to the Party of Plunder since the first ward heeler learned how to stuff the first ballot box.

This is what the pandemic has done for the Democrats:

1. Given them an excuse to spend like crazy – To date, $3.2 trillion for COVID “relief” – much of it finding its way into the Dems pet projects that have nothing to do with the virus, like the Green Whatever. Maybe COVID was caused by climate change; every other disaster has been attributed to it.

2. Put as much of the population as possible on the dole – In the name of combatting the pandemic, we’re paying people not to work, teachers not to teach and tenants to live in their apartments rent-free.

3. Savaged Small Business: the foundation of the free market economy – First there were the state-mandated lockdowns. When they were lifted, blue cities rushed in to impose their own. In April, Federal Reserve economists estimated that in the first year of COVID, there were 200,000 store closings above historical levels. Democrats are probably thinking: Good. These are men and women of independent spirit, who are always complaining about taxes and regulations and voting Republican – so, who needs them? Maybe retail stores will be replaced with GUM-like state department stores.

4. Set the stage for more socialist advances – Biden has extended his unconstitutional eviction moratorium through September. Landlords with just a few rental units get to keep paying their mortgage, property taxes and tenants’ utilities. Most of the money that was appropriated for rental payments never finds its way into landlords’ pockets. Soon, desperate owners will begin abandoning their property, which will be an excuse to build new public housing.

5. Accustomed once free citizens to doing exactly as they’re told – even if the mandates change from day-to-day or hour-to-hour – Two years ago, who would have thought that government could order you to wear face masks, order stores and restaurants to close, and compel citizens to get vaccinated or suffer the consequences. (“Achtung, Achtung – Ve vill see your vaccination passport.”) If Ole Doc Fauci told us we had to hop on one foot for three hours a day to combat the spread of the Delta Variant, how many would?

6. Provided opportunities for massive election fraud – In the last election, the pandemic was an excuse for mail-in ballots. Can’t have all of those voters congregating to take part in the process in person. Democracy became a super-spreader. This provides a rich vein of election fraud for Democrats to mine.

7. Set themselves up to be America’s saviors – Democrats will run on COVID in 2024. What else do they have? We stopped the pandemic by following the science, they’ll say. (Whatever “science” fits their agenda.) Neanderthal Republicans lifted lockdowns too soon, didn’t mandate face masks, didn’t punish the unvaccinated. Forget that the vaccines were developed under Trump. If Hillary had won in 2016, we’d still be doing environmental impact studies.

COVID is the Democrats’ pinata that never stops giving.

From the age of kings and conquerors, to commissars and fuhrers, it’s what their kind have always wanted: total control of captive populations.

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