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The Church of Global Warming

The Church of Global Warming
By Lee Duigon
December 17, 2016

While the Democrats’ post-election tantrum goes on and on, the Roman Catholic Church is looking to get in on the act.

The Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis I—the Red Pope, Jesuit, a solid Liberation Theology guy (that’s liberal Catholic code for “Marxist”)—is, well… pontificating. Recently he announced that new priests, from now on, are to preach and teach the gospel of Climate Change. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has ruled that Global Warming is “real,” and caused by “human activity.”

That ought to jazz up the confessions. “Bless me, father, I have sinned. I used half a dozen sheets of toilet paper in my visit to the loo this morning! And I turned on my air conditioner last night! And I drove here in an SUV.” And so on.

Globalism, and its drive toward world government, has been taking it on the chin of late. The crown jewel of globalism is, of course, its hysterical assertion that only a fantastically enlarged and empowered government can Save The Planet from the catastrophe of Man-Made Climate Change. And the Pope’s on board with that, big-time.

Climate Change is “real,” in a sense that it’s always happening, has always been happening, and happens as a result of vast natural processes that our ruling class can neither start nor stop. We have recent scientific findings that the “warming,” however much of it there ever was, was caused by an unusually strong El Nino event in the Pacific Ocean. That event is over now, and the temperatures are coming back down to where they were before this latest El Nino occurred.

We are unable to confirm reports that the Pope intends to excommunicate El Nino.

Meanwhile, we continue to be pestered by alarm bells rung by the politically-driven nooze media. Have you heard that reindeer in the Arctic are “shrinking” because of Global Warming? Hey, unless we buckle down and pass that Carbon Tax, Santa’s gonna have to hitch his sleigh to smart cars. In the same nooze story, we are told the reindeer face imminent extinction—and that their “numbers have been steadily increasing over the past two decades.” Imagine that. And it is not mentioned that deer population numbers naturally go up and down. Ask any hunter.

The Pope was rooting for the Clinton crime family to win the election, sweep back into the White House, and cut loose with its deluxe fun-pak of open borders, high taxes, thousands of shiny new rules and regulations, countless new thought crimes for the government to investigate and punish—especially the crime of “Climate Change Denial”—and transferring more and more power to the United Nations.

It would have been a good time for him to bring back the Inquisition, to chase after those Climate Change heretics who eluded the Attorney General.

But then along came Donald Trump and spoiled it. All they needed was a leader with some guts, and the American people gave a big thumbs-down to the whole damned thing. I say “damned” to indicate the transcendent wickedness of the globalist enterprise.

Nothing good can come of the RC Church hopping into bed with power-hungry politicians chiefly distinguished by their constant readiness to lie. The church might catch something from them that might prove fatal.

But I guess Pope Francis thinks it’s just too good a gig to pass up.

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