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Christians Suffered an Increase in Persecution Last Year by Islam

Christians Suffered an Increase in Persecution Last Year by Islam
By Julio Severo

“Christians around the world suffered a huge increase in persecution last year — with around 30 million more people being targeted than in the previous year,” said George Martin in a DailyMail report.

The full DailyMail report said,

A report by Open Doors, a Dutch charity that supports persecuted Christians showed that in total, 245 million faced violence or oppression in 2018, with 73 countries listed as danger zones for Christians.

China has been named among the most dangerous places to be a Christian after new laws governing religious expression led to raids and the demolition of scores of churches.

At least 50 million people expected to experience some form of repression this year as the government tightens its controls over religious worship.

While India has also seen a spate of against ultra-nationalists against non-Hindu minorities — the report claimed.

“Rising nationalism is leading to similar persecution in other countries such as Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal where national identity is tied to religion,” the charity said.

Open Doors said in its 2019 World Watch List, which ranks 50 countries, that one in three Christians face high levels of persecution in Asia – as India entered the top 10 for the first time.

The DailyMail report then explains that the Open Doors’ List:

“comes just three weeks after Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ordered an independent review into the persecution of Christians worldwide. Hunt said: “Britain has long championed international religious freedom, and the prime minister underlined our global leadership on this issue when she appointed my excellent colleague Lord Ahmad as her special envoy on freedom of religion or belief. So often the persecution of Christians is a telling early warning sign of the persecution of every minority.”

There are at least two major faults in the report. First, if “Britain has long championed international religious freedom,” why was persecuted Catholic Asia Bibi denied asylum in Great Britain? A report published in the British newspaper The Telegraph sheds light in the true reality of Great Britain. It is titled “Asia Bibi ‘not offered UK asylum amid concerns of unrest and attacks.’”

Asia could not get asylum in Great Britain amid concerns of unrest and attacks of a large population of Muslim invaders in Great Britain! A nation traditionally Christian, especially Protestant, now lives in fear of Muslim invaders.

Yet, instead of recognizing the threat of the invaders, the DailyMail report unashamedly says Primer Minister, Theresa May, “appointed Lord Ahmad as her special envoy on freedom of religion or belief.” Conservatives, especially Christians, expected much more from May, who presents herself as conservative. Obviously, her appointment was not meant to please persecuted Christians, but their Islamic oppressors.

Lord Ahmad is a Muslim. To appointed a Muslim as a “special envoy on freedom of religion” to review into the persecution of Christians worldwide is akin to putting a fox to review if chicken in the hennery have been persecuted by foxes. Great Britain is laughing in the faces of persecuted Christians around the world.

By denying asylum to persecuted Catholic Asia Bibi and appointing a Muslim as a special envoy on freedom of religion, Great Britain cannot be taken seriously as a nation that champions international religious freedom.

By the way, I enjoy reading the British newspaper DailyMail, but their reports on Islamic issues are biased. Whenever I comment on their reports on Islam trying to explain the irresponsibility of Great Britain and Europe allowing hordes of Islamic invaders, DailyMail rejects my comments — in the same way newspapers in Saudi Arabia would censor my comments showing that the explanation for the persecution of Christians around the world is very simple: Christians have been, overwhelmingly, victims of Islamic oppressors.

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