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Chicago Soros DA Treats Killing of 6-Month-Old Baby as a Misdemeanor

Chicago Soros DA Treats Killing of 6-Month-Old Baby as a Misdemeanor
“He suggested that we put balloons, because they’ll be the only balloons that he’ll ever receive,”
By Daniel Greenfield

Soros DA Kim Foxx is committed to social justice and ending mass incarceration. What that means is that killing a baby is a misdemeanor and not just at the offices of Planned Parenthood.

Two teenage boys are facing only misdemeanor charges after they allegedly stole a car and crashed it into another vehicle, killing a 6-month-old baby in Chicago last week.

The 6-month-old boy, Cristian Uvidia, died in the hospital following the crash.

As of Sunday evening, a Chicago police spokesperson said no further charges have been brought against the teen boys.

Rivera called the misdemeanor charges “disheartening” in an interview with Fox 32 Chicago.

People are now asking the Soros DA to have something resembling human feelings in place of her racist black nationalism and fervent love for criminals and actually do her damn job. For once.

Cristian Uvidia’s family, like many, took his photo to commemorate his monthly milestones.

But, Cristian’s family would only get to capture five photos.

“It’s sad, because my mom took a picture of him every single month,” said Rivera, Cristian’s aunt. “We never got to take the six-month picture.”

Rivera said now, the West Side family is planning the baby’s funeral within a year of celebrating his arrival into this world.

“The funeral director, he suggested that we put balloons, because, ultimately, they’ll be the only balloons that he’ll ever receive,” Rivera said.

Community activists on Monday demanded that stiffer charges be filed.

“The charges did not fit the crime,” said Andrew Holmes. “My message is to the state’s attorney, and anybody else that has hands on this case, ‘What are you looking at? What are you feeling? How about first degree murder? How about reckless homicide?’”

Cristian’s family is determined to fight for justice.

“To say that it hurts; it’s like reliving the day all over again,” Rivera said. “And, it just it sends a message of to us, at least, that like, truthfully, his life meant nothing.”

The Riveras are the wrong race and they’re not murderers. That’s two strikes against them as far as Kim Foxx and any Soros DA is concerned.

The Left loves criminals and hates the innocent. Its pro-crime activism is at the core of its heart of darkness.

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