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Cancel Your Reservations to Europe

Cancel Your Reservations to Europe
By Todd Strandberg

The people of Europe have all but surrendered to the Islamic terrorists. They have basically decided that the monthly mass murder events are just part of life. The reaction can be likened to when lions take down a member of a herd of cattle. The remaining cattle momentarily lift their heads to watch the carnage, but then quickly go back to grazing.

The politicians will continue to voice outrage, but the condemnations have become nothing more than hollow platitudes. After the London Bridge attacks, British Prime Minister Theresa May said, “Enough is enough and things have got to change.” May was Home Secretary under Prime Minster Cameron, and responsible for national security under a slew of escalating terror attacks.

The key problem with the surge of Islamic terrorism is the unwillingness of authorities to recognize that Islam is a religion that inspires people to carry out acts of murder. The solution is to either kick Muslims out of the country or separate them from the general population.

As the attacks become more gruesome, there is a growing effort to cover them up. After the Manchester bombing the politically correct talking points against “Islomophbia” dominated the media—warning against religious hatred. There is a desperate need for policy change when you have a guy blowing up teenage girls at a concert hall.

The British Media outdid themselves with the reporting on the London Bridge attacks. They said the attackers were a crude “team of lone wolves.” Previously, a lone wolf represented a single Muslim terrorist. It is now plural because the media needs to continue their word games to avoid using the “M” (Muslim) or “I” (Islam) word in relation to terrorism.

We have made it so easy for Islamic terrorists to operate; their fellow Muslims no longer need to hide their support. When Saudi Arabia played Australia for a World Cup qualifier at the Adelaide Oval stadium in South Australia, an announcement was made for a minute of silence to honor the victims the London concert hall attack. The Saudi team ignored the call. The game should have been cancelled for that reason alone, but it was not.

A day after that London attack, a small group of Muslims were shown on the news holding up signs condemning terrorism. It turns out the protest was staged by CNN. A bystander posted a video of reporters instructing the group in how to express outrage (which they obviously lacked).

Islamic terror has turned Europe into a continent of quivering cowards. Last week a loud boom occurred at an outdoor event in the Italian city of Turin. The false alarm caused the crowd to stampede, and over 1,500 people were injured.

Most people traveling to Europe are oblivious to how much Islam has corrupted Europe. Japanese tourists have been very misinformed about the threats they face. They come to France with wildly high expectations of romance and fine dining. When they get there they are shocked by areas of the country that look like the worst of the third world.

Around six million Japanese people visit France each year. The Japanese embassy in Paris repatriates several tourists a year, sending them home with a doctor or nurse to ensure they recover from the shock. The embassy also runs a 24-hour helpline for expatriates experiencing culture shock.

I think it is unwise for people go to Europe as long as there is a chance to get caught up in a terrorist event. Most tourists probably assume that it’s all right to visit Europe because the risk of be killed is low. With attacks becoming a regular occurrence, there is a high risk of having a vacation spoiled by a lockdown or an even worse scenario.

The only way to convince Europeans to take Islamic terrorism head on is for tourists to stop visiting those key Islamic targets. A boycott is badly needed when you have London’s mayor saying that terrorist attacks are just the price of living in a big city.

About 110 million tourists visit Britain and France each year. If a sizable number of them could be convinced to visit a safer location, the economic pressure could force a change.

I’m doubtful it is possible to fix the terror problem. A spiritual blindness is preventing people from using simple logic to recognize basic evil. The level of cluelessness we see in Europe is a strong indication of how close we are to the “Days of Noe” prediction. Violence is all around us, yet people eat and drink without a care.

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37-39).


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