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Canada Terrorism

Canada’s Terror TV

Canada’s Terror TV
Long past time for Canadians to push back.
By Lloyd Billingsley

Our intrepid colleague Christine Williams recently exposed “Free Palestine TV,” an outlet “established by a global coalition of terror activists is operating and fundraising in Canada, assisted by a global coalition of radical activists and violent extremists from designated terrorist organizations.”

Christine also exposed FPTV director Laith Marouf, a Trudeau crony who wants to treat “Jewish white supremacists” with “a bullet in the head” and calls Jews “loud-mouthed bags of human feces.” This guy probably never met anybody like this writer’s Jewish neighbors and schoolmates in Windsor Ontario.

When our family moved there in the 1950s, the neighborhood had no public swimming pool and kids sought relief by running through lawn sprinklers. The Silver family, two doors down on McKay Ave., duly assembled an above-ground “doughboy” pool and invited all kids on the block. That sure felt good on hot summer days.

On cold winter days, Mrs. Silver drove me to Glenwood Public School along with her own children Ron and Sandra. There was never any anti-Jewish sentiment at the school, and if there had been, polyglot principal Norton Mansfield would been all over it in a second.

Glenwood student Jeff Mandel was something of a joker, but also athletic. He joined in games of British Bulldog and played defensive line for the AKO Fratmen of the Canadian Junior Football league. Isaac Novak was a fantastic baseball pitcher. He reportedly declined to pitch a game on Yom Kippur, but that is the only controversy I recall about Izzy.

I remember the Haddads, Christian Arabs, but I don’t recall any Arab-language magazine such as Al-Forquan calling for the killing of Jews as part of a “sacred duty of jihad.” There was never anything like that in the Windsor Star or any of the Detroit newspapers.

I don’t recall anybody like “Windsor man” Habibullah Ahmadi, 21, murdering a 75-year-old grandmother like Anne Widholm, out for a walk after church. Ahmadi beat the frail woman into coma, inflicting the worst skull fractures Dr. Balraj Jhawar had ever seen in Windsor, and she died more than a year later.

I don’t recall any murder case where an adult suspect’s booking photo was never released. I don’t recall a murder case where news reports included no information about the suspect, and no interviews with family, friends or co-workers. I don’t recall any murder trial in which the judge ignored the basic question of motive.

Habibullah Ahmadi could have sought combat with a man his age in one of Windsor’s many bars. By all indications, he wasn’t up to such a challenge. In Windsor, they have several colorful names for such people.

Windsor is home to the Sandwich Baptist Church, the oldest active black church in Canada, built by runaway slaves in 1847. As it turns out, beyond his hatred of Jews, the very pale Laith Marouf has a problem with people of darker skin shade.

“Colin Powell, the Jamaican house-slave of the Empire who extinguished the lives of millions of people with his lies, died a painful death unable to breath (sic),” read one of his tweets. “If there was any good that came from this pandemic, it would be his death on the birthday of the prophet of Islam.” Marouf is also on record that “Frogs have much less IQ than 77, and French is an ugly language.” This guy is a veritable equal-opportunity hater.

In 2009, Marouf was barred from re-entering Canada, and he scored money from the government for, yes, an anti-racism program. So no surprise that under former blackface performer Justin Trudeau, the racist anti-Semite is able to establish “Free Palestine TV.” I can’t recall anything like that in Windsor, and there’s something I forgot to tell you.

My uncle, James Richard Billingsley, was wounded twice in WWII, once by a Nazi sniper. Uncle Jim fought with Canada’s Eight Reconnaissance Regiment, the outfit that liberated the Westerbork transit camp that sent thousands of Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor. The 876 remaining inmates were glad to see the Canadians, who had been in the fight from the start.

People have a right to wonder if anyone in Laith Marouf’s family played a role in taking down the National Socialist regime. On the other hand, Marouf’s hateful rhetoric sounds a lot like the Nazis who ran the camps, part of Hitler’s “final solution” to kill off the Jews.

Uncle Jim and his fellow WWII vets would be surprised to see someone promoting the same genocidal quest on television in Canada. That calls for pushback and here’s something the people might try.

Set up a pay-per-view event with Laith Marouf to thrash out the issues one way or another. It would be interesting to see who answers the call.

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