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Brazil’s supreme court votes to make “homophobia” a crime like racism

Brazil’s supreme court votes to make “homophobia” a crime like racism
By Julio Severo

A majority in Brazil’s supreme court has voted to make “homophobia” and “transphobia” crimes like racism.

Six of the Supreme Federal Tribunal’s 11 judges have voted in favor of the criminalization. The five other judges will vote in a court session on June 5, but the result will not be modified. The criminalization will only take effect after all the justices have voted. So after June 5 “homophobia” will be officially a crime in Brazil.

Racism was made a crime in Brazil in 1989 with prison sentences of up to five years. The court’s judges ruled that “homophobia” should be framed within the racism law.

“Racism is a crime against flesh and blood, whether it is a member of the LGBT community, a Jew or an Afro-descendant,” justice Luiz Fux said Thursday.

Incredibly, the court’s judges said the ruling is necessary because homosexuals are legally unprotected.

Homosexual “marriage” was legalized in Brazil in 2013. Even with such privilege, homosexualists and their propaganda machine in the Brazilian mainstream media keep preaching that homosexuals are victims of violence in Brazil and need special protection and more and more privileges.

When reporting on Brazil’s supreme court criminalizing “homophobia,” the Associated Press (AP) said that Brazil “is still a dangerous country for members of the LGBT community and has a large evangelical movement often critical of gay rights.”

So AP suggested that there is a link between “danger for homosexuals” and “evangelical criticism of the homosexual agenda.”

Eventually, the criminalization of “homophobia” treats as “crime” any critical view of homosexual acts and propaganda, because if it is a racial crime to criticize others because of their skin color, why would not be a “homophobic” crime to criticize homosexual behaviors?

The AP report added,

“According to the rights group the Grupo Gay da Bahia, 420 LGBT people were killed across Brazil in 2018, while at least 141 have been killed so far this year.”

For AP, less than 500 deaths a year is enough reason to criminalize “homophobia.”

Now, because AP did its report without doing its homework, let us show the facts on violence in Brazil. Over 60,000 Brazilians are murdered a year in Brazil. Homosexuals are less than 1 percent of the massive count of violence. How then should they get more privileges if the general population in Brazil suffers an explosive rate of murders?

The main cause of murders of homosexuals in Brazil is the irrational passion of a lover of the victim. Murdered homosexuals are mostly transvestites, according to Oswaldo Braga, president of the Gay Movement of Minas, who declared, “They are homosexuals that are more involved in criminality, as prostitution and drug trafficking, being more exposed to violence.” (Tribuna de Minas, 09/03/2007, page 3.)

Luiz Mott, the founder of the Grupo Gay da Bahia (Gay Group of Bahia) mentioned by AP, does not complain of drug traffickers killing homosexuasl. In 2008, as reported by LifeSiteNews, he posted on the Internet the home addresses of Christian pro-family leaders in Brazil. He included my name too. Why didn’t he post the home addresses of drug traffickers? If he had done it, he would be dead by now.

If I had posted on the Internet his home address, he would accuse me of threatening him and I would be jailed. Why isn’t he jailed?

In 2007 the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals (ABGLT) had lodged a criminal complaint to federal prosecutors against me for “homophobia.”

The complaint was made because regularly I denounce the homosexual behavior as immoral, and because I oppose the goals of the homosexual movement. I had to leave Brazil in 2009 when federal prosecutors were advancing this complain.

Mott rejoiced then at the news. “We are all proud of the ABGLT for filing charges against our archenemy, Julio Severo,” he was quoted as saying in a Yahoo homosexual email list. “I hope that he is condemned to perpetual imprisonment in Sodom and Gomorrah.”

So, the main source about violence against homosexuals for the AP report is a homosexual group founded by a homosexualist who does not target drug traffickers who actually kill homosexuals. He targets Christians just like me. Christians who have never killed or even harmed homosexuals. Christians whose only “crime” is to believe and preach God’s Word, where God says that the homosexual sin is an abomination.

How can I doubt that Brazil’s supreme court is not criminalizing good Christians?

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