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Brazil’s Supreme Court criminalizes “homophobia”

Brazil’s Supreme Court criminalizes “homophobia”
By Julio Severo

Brazil’s supreme court officially forged “homophobia” and “transphobia” as crimes similar to racism on June 13, 2019. Eight of 11 justices voted to treat “homophobia” in the same way as racism under Brazilian law, making it a criminal act as racism.

The big homosexualist advance in Brazil made headlines in major U.S. and international newspapers, including:

Reuters: “Brazil Supreme Court rules homophobia a crime.”
Associated Press: “Brazil’s supreme court votes to make homophobia a crime.”
The Wall Street Journal: “Brazil’s Supreme Court Criminalizes Homophobic Acts.”
USAToday: “Brazil’s Supreme Court criminalizes homophobia and transphobia.”
The Daily Beast: “Brazil’s Supreme Court Votes to Criminalize Homophobia.”

Racism was made a crime in Brazil in 1989 with prison sentences of up to five years. The Supreme Court’s judges ruled that “homophobia” should be framed within the racism law.

“Homophobic crimes are as alarming as physical violence,” Supreme Court Vice-President Luiz Fux said on his vote, citing “epidemic levels of homophobic violence.”

This definition of violence encompasses not only acts but also views. “Every preconception is violence,” said justice Carmen Lucia. So a Christian advocating the Bible teaching that homosexual acts are sin would be seen as an individual with a “religious preconception.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines “preconception” as “an idea or opinion formed prior to having evidence for its truth or usefulness.” In this case, the provider of the evidence of “truth” is the State and any view, biblical or otherwise, not conforming the state view is “preconception.”

In the Brazilian law of racism, any view or a single word calling a black individual of “Negro” is liable of legal punishment. So if the anti-“homophobia” law is now framed within the racism law, it follows that an individual expressing any negative word about homosexuals will be liable to legal punishment.

The action judged by Brazil’s Supreme Court to make “homophobia” a crime was originally brought by the Socialist Popular Party and the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders (known as ABGLT).

The Socialist Popular Party is behind of the criminalization of “homophobia” in Brazil because it is just natural for socialists to seek to criminalize the main threat to socialism: Bible-believing Christians.

ABGLT is also behind of the criminalization of “homophobia” in Brazil because it has for many years persecuted Bible-believing Christians who have never harmed any homosexuals, but have defended what the Bible says: that homosexual acts are abomination in God’s sight and that homosexual will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

In 2011 ABGLT filed a complaint to federal prosecutors against Brazilian Pentecostal televangelist Silas Malafaia, the most prominent evangelical leader in Brazil, for “inciting violence against LGBT people.” ABGLT’s interpretation of “inciting violence against LGBT people” is to preach against the homosexual sin and oppose homosexual indoctrination of schoolchildren.

In 2007 ABGLT filed a complaint to federal prosecutors against me, Julio Severo, for “for maintaining a website that incites violence against the LGBT community.”

My blog seeks to inform, in a Christian perspective, the public about homosexual subjects censored by the mainstream media. For example, while Brazil’s Supreme Court was busy criminalizing “homophobia” the mainstream media in Brazil was keeping a blackout on the horrific case of Two Brazilian lesbians who stabbed a boy one year after cutting off his sex organ to make him a “girl.”

The Brazilian media is silent. ABGLT and other homosexualist groups are silent. What I am supposed to do? To be silent to be an accomplice of their evil silence? Yet, when I expose this and other horrific cases of homosexual violence against children I am accused of “inciting violence against LGBT people.”

The federal prosecution against me only did not advance because I left Brazil in 2009 just when prosecutors were summoning for their hearings the man responsible for the domain of my website to give them my location to advance their action.

So the “homophobia” law in Brazil is based on socialism and on a gay group that has a history of persecuting evangelical leaders, including me. Such law will certainly target Christians like me, because it is a law produced to serve ideological groups at their own requests. More convenient than this, impossible.

BBC said, “For almost 20 years there have been efforts to make homophobia a crime in Brazil, but legislation on the matter has faced resistance among conservative and religious groups in Congress.” My book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), published in 1998 by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers, was used by evangelical congressmen on the floor of the Brazilian Congress. “The Homosexual Movement” was the first book published against the homosexual movement in Brazil and prepared prophetically the Christian Church in Brazil for the coming homosexualist assault on the Christian free speech.

Incredibly, the Supreme Court’s judges said their ruling was necessary because homosexuals are legally unprotected.

Homosexual “marriage” was legalized in Brazil in 2013. Even with such privilege, homosexualists and their propaganda machine in the Brazilian mainstream media keep preaching that homosexuals are victims of violence in Brazil and need special protection and more and more privileges.

When reporting on Brazil’s supreme court criminalizing “homophobia,” the Associated Press (AP) said that Brazil “is still a dangerous country for members of the LGBT community and has a large evangelical movement often critical of gay rights.”

So AP suggested that there is a link between “danger for homosexuals” and “evangelical criticism of the homosexual agenda.”

Just as the origin of the criminalization of “homophobia” was socialist and homosexualist, the origin in Brazil of the main resistance to socialism and the homosexual agenda is evangelicalism. EuroNews said, “Support from conservative Pentecostal churches helped Bolsonaro to win the election,” regarding Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected especially by evangelicals to defeat a socialist candidate.

Reuters said, “Evangelicals and other socially conservative Brazilians helped Bolsonaro win last year’s election as he promised to overturn years of liberal social policies, including more rights for same-sex couples. Bolsonaro [is] a Catholic who was baptized by an evangelical pastor on a trip to Israel three years ago.”

Even though is internationally recognized that Bolsonaro had his victory thanks to conservative evangelicals, he has nominated for his administration especially individuals from a fringe esoteric right-wing group that is misleading many Catholics, some evangelicals and particularly Bolsonaro himself.

On June 14, 2019, Bolsonaro told reporters the Supreme Court was “completely wrong” in criminalizing “homophobia” and had overstepped its powers, moving into legislative territory. He added that such criminalization would hurt homosexuals because an employer would “think twice” before hiring a gay person for fear of being accused of “homophobia.”

According to EuroNews, “Congress has a conservative majority under the influence of the Evangelical Church.” In fact, most of the Brazilian conservative congressmen are evangelicals, who traditionally are in Brazilian politics in the forefront of the pro-family resistance against abortion and the homosexual agenda.

Euronews is right. Many times, I worked in the backstage with Brazilian congressmen to stop homosexualist bills. Since 2003, for example, I was an informal adviser to the president of the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus.

Eventually, the “homophobia” law will treat as “crime” any critical view of homosexual acts and propaganda, because if it is a racial crime to criticize others because of their skin color, why would not be a “homophobic” crime to criticize homosexual behaviors?

Several U.S. and international newspapers used as their only reference source the Grupo Gay of Bahia (Gay Group of Bahia, a Brazilian homosexualist group) to explain that the “homophobia” law is necessary to protect homosexuals from violence.

The Associated Press report said,

“According to the rights group the Grupo Gay da Bahia, 420 LGBT people were killed across Brazil in 2018, while at least 141 have been killed so far this year.”

BBC, the Daily Beast, USAToday and EuroNews also mentioned the Grupo Gay da Bahia and its statistics.

For them, less than 500 deaths a year is enough reason to criminalize “homophobia.”

Now, because the Associated Press, BBC, the Daily Beast, USAToday and EuroNews did their reports without doing their homework, let us show the facts on violence in Brazil. Over 60,000 Brazilians are murdered a year in Brazil. Homosexuals are less than 1 percent of the massive count of violence. How then should they get more privileges if the general population in Brazil suffers an explosive rate of murders?

Of course, the Associated Press, BBC, the Daily Beast, USAToday and EuroNews reports had no concern about the epidemic of homosexual violence against children. The case of the 9-year-old boy castrated, tortured and beheaded by two lesbians is ignored by the mainstream media. Are reporters afraid of being accused of “homophobia” if they mention homosexual violence against children?

The main cause of murders of homosexuals in Brazil is the irrational passion of a lover of the victim. Murdered homosexuals are mostly transvestites, according to Oswaldo Braga, president of the Gay Movement of Minas, who declared, “They are homosexuals that are more involved in criminality, as prostitution and drug trafficking, being more exposed to violence.” (Tribuna de Minas, 09/03/2007, page 3.)

Luiz Mott, the founder of the Grupo Gay da Bahia (Gay Group of Bahia) mentioned by the Associated Press, BBC, the Daily Beast, USAToday and EuroNews, does not complain of drug traffickers killing homosexuals. In 2008, as reported by LifeSiteNews, he posted on the Internet the home addresses of Christian pro-family leaders in Brazil. He included my name too. Why didn’t he post the home addresses of drug traffickers? If he had done it, he would be dead by now.

If I had posted on the Internet his home address, he would accuse me of threatening him and I would be jailed. Why isn’t he jailed?

When the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals had lodged a criminal complaint to federal prosecutors against me for “homophobia” in 2007, Mott rejoiced then at the news. “We are all proud of the ABGLT for filing charges against our archenemy, Julio Severo,” he was quoted as saying in a Yahoo homosexual email list. “I hope that he is condemned to perpetual imprisonment in Sodom and Gomorrah.”

If I had rejoiced at Mott’s misfortune and said “I hope that he is condemned to perpetual imprisonment in Sodom and Gomorrah,” every Brazilian and international gay group would denounce me for “homophobia.”

So, the main source about violence against homosexuals for the Associated Press, BBC, the Daily Beast, USAToday and EuroNews reports is a homosexual group founded by a homosexualist who does not target drug traffickers who actually kill homosexuals. He targets Christians just like me. Christians who have never killed or even harmed homosexuals. Christians whose only “crime” is to believe and preach God’s Word, where God says that the homosexual sin is an abomination.

How can I doubt that Brazil’s Supreme Court is not criminalizing Christians?

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