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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Administration Celebrates International LGBT “Pride” Day

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Administration Celebrates International LGBT “Pride” Day
By Julio Severo

Through Brazil’s Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MWFHR), headed by Dr. Damares Alves, the administration of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro celebrated the International LGBT “Pride” Day — a date that homosexual activists use to advance all the items of their agenda and the full normalization of their artificial rights, including equating gay “marriage” with traditional marriage between men and women, including the adoption of children.

On its Twitter account, MWFHR said on June 28, 2020:

“#ImportantDates | International LGBT Pride Day, celebrated on June 28, reinforces the importance of protecting the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals. #InternationalDayofLGBTPRide #LGBTQIA.”

In response, I said:

“With thousands of boys being raped and even killed by homosexuals, @DamaresAlves’ ministry is concerned with glorifying predators of boys. MOST WRONG to celebrate gay pride, as there is no pride in an ideology that indoctrinates and rapes boys.”

It is no secret that gay ideology indoctrinates and psychologically rapes boys, potentially leading to physical rapes.

What is surprising is how the Bolsonaro administration, which is seen are right-wing, reached this point of celebrating the International LGBT “Pride” Day.

As a conservative, I would celebrate such a date as Child Protection Day against Gay Propaganda. If I were Pastor Damares, the emphasis on child protection would be supreme and there would be no emphasis on the celebration of gay “pride,” as historically gay activism has never been untied from pederasty — sex with boys.

Everything that homosexual practices cause does not bring any pride:

* They bring diseases.
* They bring abnormalities of all kinds.
* They bring child rapes.

And I can add, according to information in my book “O Moviento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement) published by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers in 1998, that the biggest serial killers in the world were homosexuals.

The true Christian is marked by courage. Ronald Reagan confronted the Soviet Union and won, and today he is honored as the greatest conservative president in American history. And he was an evangelical!

Prophet Daniel confronted idolatry in the Babylonian Empire and won, and today he is honored as one of the greatest prophets in the Bible.

If International LGBT “Pride” Day is a date that requires everyone to bow to gay activism, why not be brave and reject that disgusting date? Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a saved Christian, but he does not celebrate it. Why then do Christians who claim to be saved celebrate this disgusting date? Why are they so afraid of disobeying what the UN and homosexualist globalists command?

Saudi Arabia, which executes homosexuals, does not celebrate International LGBT “Pride” Day, and no one condemns it.

I am not encouraging anyone to imitate the Islamic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. But since even evangelicals are setting a bad example in their shameful submission to the infamous date of the International LGBT “Pride” Day, why not imitate the beautiful example of Putin, who does not celebrate that date?

What Putin did was to prioritize children. He created a law to ban gay propaganda against children and adolescents. This is a real law to protect children and adolescents.

If Brazil’s Ministry of Human Rights took its mission to protect children seriously, it would imitate Putin, not the UN.

Despite his anti-homosexuality speech during the elections in 2018, today President Jair Bolsonaro invests tax money in a special secretariat within his administration to promote the gay agenda.

A left-wing government would celebrate International LGBT “Pride” Day. A false conservative government would celebrate International LGBT “Pride” Day.

Yet, a genuine conservative government would celebrate the protection of children from homosexual propaganda and reject International LGBT “Pride” Day.

Although it is alleged that the Bolsonaro administration cut funds for gay groups, there is the fact that within the Bolsonaro administration there is a homosexual secretariat that receives salaries and funds, and the mission of this secretariat is to promote, without fanfare, the same gay agenda that was promoted by the former socialist administrations.

As a Pentecostal pastor, Minister Damares Alves has a great potential to help the Bolsonaro administration get out of the orbit of homosexualist globalism. But if she leaves her Pentecostal roots, the politically correct will be exalted in her life above the Bible, for the benefit of gay activism and harm to children.

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