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Boston Gay Pride Parade is cancelled after accusations of racism from Black Lives Matter and threat of boycott!

Some good news for “Pride” month: Boston Gay Pride Parade is cancelled – possibly permanently – after accusations of racism from Black Lives Matter and threat of boycott!
Boston Pride organizers also accused of not being sufficiently transgender-friendly. Unhinged leftist “identity” groups turn on each other.
Boston Pride Board of Directors reacted by disbanding the organization!
See photos below from hideous past parades!

The massive “Boston Gay Pride” parade started off each year with this banner. But no more, they say! [All photos by MassResistance]

The month of June has become an insufferable time for normal people as corporations, schools, governments, the media, and leftists push “Gay Pride Month” into everyone’s face.

Over the past 50 years, Boston (like hundreds of other cities) has endured an increasingly massive and perverse “Gay Pride Parade” – ending with a “Gay Pride Festival” at Boston City Hall Plaza. It’s frightened summer tourists, scared away families, and destroyed the aura of a once beautiful city.

For a dozen years, MassResistance documented the depraved event, sharing photos and videos – and exposing the participating corporations, schools, and politicians.

But this year there was no parade, no festival, and no plans for any in the future. The Board of Directors of the Boston Pride Committee, which planned, funded, and organized it, voted to permanently disband the whole organization. The streets of downtown Boston are (relatively) safe and sane again!

What happened? You can’t make this up! According to multiple news reports, the gays who run the event were being accused of racism by Black Lives Matter (BLM). BLM also accused them of snubbing some of the weirder transgender groups, and not supporting the “entire” gay community.

The bizarre complaints from Black Lives Matter began back in 2015 but were pretty much brushed aside. However, the big eruption came during 2020 and 2021 while the event was postponed due to COVID. Black Lives Matter aligned with a gaggle of local fringe LGBT groups and targeted Boston Pride’s all-white (and “gentrified”) Board of Directors with a list of complaints and demands. This wacky list of complaints (which itself reflects a racist attitude) included:

– “The Boston Pride board has had a long history of poor relationships with Greater Boston’s communities of Queer & Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) …”

– “For decades the board has failed to recruit and retain a racially diverse volunteer workforce. The lack of diversity throughout the Pride organization indicates that the inability of Boston Pride to address issues of racism and white privilege continues to be systemic.”

The BLM coalition also persuaded most of the Pride volunteers to resign. Then they began organizing a boycott of the upcoming (June 2021) Pride event.

The June 2021 Pride event was postponed because of COVID. But that didn’t quiet anything down. In July 2021, the BLM coalition publicly demanded that the Pride Board resign. A week later the Pride Board reacted by voting to disband the organization completely.

This whole thing isn’t really surprising. By 2020, the City of Boston had become ultra-pro-LGBT, so there was basically nothing left for them to fight for. But left-wing, revolutionary organizations are made up of obsessive, dysfunctional, and irrational people. Without a pressing cause, these radical groups invariably turn on each other. This is typical for leftist revolutionary movements going back to the French Revolution and the Lenin-Stalin era in the Soviet Union. The revolutionaries eventually eat their own.

So here’s what you’re missing

*See MassResistance website below for photos of previous Boston Pride Parades.*

Since there’s no 2022 Boston Pride Parade and accompanying festival to remind everyone what the LGBT movement is about, we are presenting below just a few highlights from our past reports – to show everyone in Boston what they’re missing!

Anti-Catholic bigotry seemed to be a big part of every parade. This is a contingent of men mocking Catholic nuns.

BDSM (bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism) was also a big part each year. This group marched with a giant black-and-blue flag, apparently celebrating the results of their bondage and torture practices.

The ‘Grand Marshall’ of one of the BDSM contingents. Note the nipple rings and open trousers.

At the end of the parade this BDSM weirdness continued marching into the Festival.

The “transgender” movement was a mainstay at “Gay Pride” parades. This man calls himself “Miss Transgender New England.”

There were a lot of men like this every year.

And of course, what would “Gay Pride” be without this kind of behavior on the floats?

The Parade and Festival attracted a lot of people like this…
… and this.

At one Festival following the parade this troubled young man entertained the crowd. The man at left in the green “I-heart-sperm” shirt has probably seen it all before, we’d bet.

One of the more honest marchers.

Bank of America was just one of many national corporations marching and supporting it.


Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick marched with his wife and daughter (not pictured), who had just “come out” as a lesbian. In this parade, they marched right behind a big BDSM contingent.

U.S. Senator Ed Markey.

Boston Children’s Hospital. Every major hospital in Boston had a contingent in the parade and/or a booth in the festival.

Every “Gay Pride” event seems to have an emphasis on “youth” and children …

Medford High School.

Even private schools: Beaver Country Day School (the kids appear to be middle schoolers).

The Lexington Montessori School contingent appears to have elementary school children marching.

This man is typical of the extreme weirdness and dysfunction that public LGBT events bring out.

Final thoughts

We never thought we’d ever find ourselves cheering for Black Lives Matter! Let’s hope that this “conflict” spreads across the country.

Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!

Our successes depend on people like you.

Donate to MassResistance.

Your support will make the difference!

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