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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party expelled several conservatives for criticism of Islam

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party expelled several conservatives for criticism of Islam
By Julio Severo

An expert on Islam is warning that even under Boris Johnson the United Kingdom is becoming a “shabby little police state” after his Conservative Party expelled several people who posted online statements critical of Islam.

The warning comes from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.

“These broad-based suspensions make it clear that any criticism of Islam or Muslims, no matter how accurate it may be, is forbidden today in Boris Johnson’s shabby little police state,” he explained.

The actions of the Conservative Party against its own members who criticize Islam, Islamic rapists in U.K. and Islamic invasions “illustrate the confusion — confusion that has been deliberately sowed by Leftist and Islamic supremacist groups — between legitimate criticism of Islam as a belief system and ideology, and hatred of innocent Muslims,” he said.

It was the BBC that confirmed Conservative Party members were “suspended for posting or endorsing Islamophobic material.”

The behavior of Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party is incompatible with true conservatism. Even Britain has recognized that in 2018 Christians suffered an increase in persecution with 245 million facing especially Islamic violence or oppression around the world. This is a staggering number.

Even so, Britain has been rejecting legitimate Christian refugees and welcoming thousands and thousands of Islamic “refugees.”

If there is an oppressed group that has all right to criticize Islam is Christians. If there is an oppressive group that has no right to criticize Christians and deserves much criticism is Muslims for their horrific history of persecution, torture and slaughter of Christians.

Even though Christians are rightly entitled to make abundant criticism of Islam for its massive anti-Christian violence, Muslims have organized themselves in Britain, a traditionally Christian nation, to ban and punish criticism of Islam. The Muslim Council of Britain long has advocated punishment for anyone who expresses criticism of Islam.

Conservatives in Britain voted for Boris Johnson because he presented himself as a conservative and because they are tired of a police state commanded by left-wingers and Islamists against Christians and free speech. They are tired of being forbidden from identifying that the massive wave of rapes against British girls is Islamic. They are tired of being censored and punished for showing the evil ideological nature of Islam.

Yet, they have found that Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party have behaved not better than the Left and Islamic supremacists when expelling conservatives who post and support deserved criticism of Islam.

Can British conservatives see Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party offering any hope to save the United Kingdom from Islamic invasions and their hordes of rapists and censors?

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