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Bill de Blasio Purges Firefighter Heroes for Mocking Wokeness

Bill de Blasio Purges Firefighter Heroes for Mocking Wokeness
By Daniel Greenfield

The Left’s war on the FDNY began not long after 9/11. It came via racial quotas that dismantled the colorblind testing process and pursued racial and gender equity at the expense of basic common sense and public safety. Now the woke purge of firefighters rolls on.

Mr. Charles said in an interview that he was called “Kool Aid” by other firefighters in the academy. In a complaint shared with The New York Times, a Black firefighter in Brooklyn said he overheard white firefighters call George Floyd a “piece of shit.”

I’m unclear how the first part of that is racist? And the second is factually accurate. And even if it wasn’t, is not grounds for suspension.

But the suspensions have arrived.

After several Black firefighters saw the messages and complained, the department quietly suspended nine firefighters without pay, for periods ranging from a few days to six months. One of the firefighters is set to leave the department after his suspension concludes, the commissioner said.

A spokesman described the punishments as the most severe discipline ever handed down in the history of the department, which rarely terminates its members or suspends them for long periods of time.

Over what? Some of these may be vulgar or inappropriate, but these are social media memes that are not being shared on official accounts. People, including government workers, have a right to post what they want on Facebook.

Has the First Amendment been suspended here?

Another active Black firefighter, who asked not to be named out of fear of retribution, shared an image of a white colleague’s social media profile, which The Times independently verified. One meme on the page showed an image of a white man being smothered by a naked Black woman.

“This man can’t breathe,” the meme read, “but you won’t see that on the news.”

Apparently, you will. Since it’s in the New York Times.

During last year’s protests, three white fire lieutenants suggested turning fire hoses on protesters to disperse them

By protesters, the Times means violent rioters responsible for multiple injuries to police officers and civilians, along with robberies and hate crimes.

Several firefighters provided The Times with photos of pro-Trump paraphernalia being displayed openly in their houses, along with flags with the “Don’t Tread on Me” logo and the Betsy Ross design, both of which have been adopted by far-right extremist groups. One picture showed a sign-up sheet labeled “Firefighters for Trump.”

I presume that the Times would have had no problem with support for a Democrat candidate. So this is also political intimidation.

Meanwhile, when the time comes, people of all races will die because the FDNY is prioritizing wokeness over saving lives. This Rescue Me segment comes to mind.

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