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Big American Tech Companies are Defeating Conservative Presidents

Big American Tech Companies are Defeating Conservative Presidents
By Julio Severo

When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other American social networking platforms boast that they’ve destroyed President Donald Trump’s reelection, no one is safe.

The only president of a major power that reacted was Vladimir Putin, who created a law to censor and block American platforms that censor and block. It’s fair. These big companies deserve to take their own medicine.

Will Putin succeed in facing the technological dictatorship of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other American platforms? I don’t know, but at least he’s trying and he deserves praise for confronting virtual tyrants.

Not every president has that strength. Although he has some conservative stances, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have little or no hope of confronting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube other American platforms. Without nuclear weapons, Brazil is unable to confront anyone.

In addition, under the advice of Rasputin Olavo de Carvalho and his adherent Ernesto Araújo, who is now Brazil’s Foreign Minister, Brazil has made many agreements with the United States under Trump. Now, all of these deals are in the hands of American Socialist President Joe Biden. Without any intelligence and strategy, Araújo handed Brazil over to Biden, one of the most dangerous socialists in the world.

Araújo, who is a great admirer of Julius Evola (right-wing adviser to the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini) and adherent of the Islamic occultist René Guénon, ruined Brazil’s diplomatic future by following Rasputin’s disastrous advice. In the middle of the socialist Biden era, Araújo’s thoughtless policy made Bolsonaro a mere lame duck in international politics.

Now, as a “reward,” Biden ordered the U.S. government, in a true imperialist attitude, to impose the gay agenda around the world. In Brazil, it will be easy to make any imposition, because if Brazil does not accept, there will be all kinds of retaliation. Inspired by Rasputin, Ernesto Araújo condemned Brazil to Biden’s homosexual hell.

If Bolsonaro does not follow the Biden line, with the stroke of a pen Biden can revoke some agreements. So Bolsonaro is tied hand and foot in Biden’s diplomatic dungeon.

And if Bolsonaro seeks more independence, he will suffer the same retaliations and sanctions that Russia habitually suffers.

The only Americans I trust are conservative evangelicals, who don’t have Biden’s wicked socialist mentality. I have admired Joseph Farah for over 20 years and have learned a lot from him. I also admire Scott Lively, Mike Heath (without catholicism), Paulie Heath, William Murray, Peter LaBarbera and Pat Buchanan.

I don’t admire Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton in any way for their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy fanaticism.

Putin is trying to escape the dictatorship of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other American platforms that defeated Trump. I hope he can survive the internet vampires.

However, I feel very sorry for Bolsonaro. How can he, whose Rasputin’s foreign minister handed Brazil over to Biden, manage to survive?

How will Bolsonaro, who has neither Putin’s strength nor Putin’s nuclear weapons, manage to escape the same American forces that destroyed Trump’s reelection?

Putin is doing everything he can to stop the censorship and blockade of big American dictatorial companies. But alone he will have little chance. If he loses, the world will never again know what freedom of speech is.

All countries should unite and stop the virtual dictatorship of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other American platforms that unfairly defeated Trump. All countries should censor and block American platforms that think they have the right to censor and block anyone. It’s time to revolt against American imperialism led by neocons and the owners of Facebook, Twitter, Google and other major U.S. capitalist companies.

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