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Biden’s Multiple Classified Document Locations are a National Security Crisis

Biden’s Multiple Classified Document Locations are a National Security Crisis
Trump’s documents were at one location. Biden’s could be anywhere.
By Daniel Greenfield

A key point about classified documents is that they are meant to be in secure locations. A single location, authorized or unauthorized, can be controlled, especially if it’s the residence of a former president.

After the initial discovery of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center, we’re now told that there were more in Biden’s garage at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

That left the Biden administration with no choice except to appoint a special counsel. Interviews are being conducted by the FBI.

When this got started, the media insisted that there was no point of comparison with the Mar-a-Lago situation.

Aside from the legal classification issues and the fact that Trump seemed largely focused on correspondence with Kim Jong-Un and certainly didn’t remove documents to a think-tank associated with Chinese special interests, the documents were in a former presidential residence.

They weren’t spread out at different locations.

That is not the case here.

Classified documents scattered across two locations over different states is a serious security threat. And the question remains, where else might classified documents be found?

Trump’s people kept the documents in one place. Biden’s people seemed to have scattered them around. They themselves may not know where the documents have gotten to or all the places to search. This stuff is in the wild and now that the news has been made public, every foreign intel agency is going to be conducting its own scavenger hunt.

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