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Biden’s Haunted Halloween

Biden’s Haunted Halloween
The ghouls and goblins unleashed by Democrats are dancing on America’s grave.
By Don Feder

Forget October 31st. It’s Halloween every day of the year now.

Thanks to the miscreant mutants who are running America into the ground, it’s Halloween at the border, in our major cities, in our schools and at state capitals 24/7.

Recently, a woman was raped on a South Philadelphia commuter train. None of the passengers tried to intervene. No one called 911.

Police arrested an illegal alien from the Congo. When a federal judge sided with the Philadelphia’s sanctuary city law in 2018, Mayor Jim Kenney did a little two-step, chortling “We’re a sanctuary city!” and high-fiving his aides. The commuter-train victim probably doesn’t feel much like dancing.

Crime is at an all-time high. Forces that usually keep the jungle at bay have been dismantled or decimated.

Last year, due in part to the BLM/Antifa riots, homicides shot up 30% nationwide (2,500 were killed) — the largest annual increase since 1905. The FBI reports that in FY 2021, 59 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty, a 51% increase over 2020.

Contributing factors include mayors who pander to the mob and order police to stand down, prosecutors who won’t prosecute, an end to stop-and-frisk and cash bail, and drastic cuts in police budgets. Biden’s refusal to call last year’s chaos riots, until he was losing on the issue, didn’t help.

The- left has unleashed a national reign of terror. While trick-or-treaters in monster masks demand candy, we are increasingly at the mercy of real-live monsters who want to maximize pain and suffering.

To add to the spooky atmosphere, demons are dancing on our southern border.

In FY 2021, 1.7 million were apprehended on the border. Of those, 650,000 were released into the interior of the United States. It’s estimated that another 400,000 successfully evaded the Border Patrol, for a grand total, of over 1 million illegal aliens, among them drug smugglers, gang members, sex-traffickers, terrorists and garden variety murderers, rapists and career criminals, as well as lifelong mendicants.

And the caravans keep rolling along. There are thousands (in the end there could be tens of thousands) in the latest convoy on its way from Mexico.

Biden dismantles the wall, hamstrings the Border Patrol, brings back catch-and-release, ends remain in Mexico, and claims he can’t figure out why the “migrants” keep coming. Everybody knows the best way to keep unwanted visitors away from your front door is to put up a huge sign that reads: “All Are Welcome. Lots of Free Stuff Inside.”

Our schools have become Frankenstein factories where educrats replace normal brains with those that think woke.

After taking a lot of heat, The National School Board Association finally apologized for calling parents who protest at school committee meetings “domestic terrorists” and demanding that DOJ investigate them. The White House, which colluded in drafting the initial document, has yet to apologize.

One of the parents the Association compared to ISIS and Hamas is a father who was arrested at a Loudoun County VA. school committee meeting. He insisted on holding the district responsible for the rape of his daughter in the girl’s room – a crime facilitated by the school’s transgender policies.

At Wednesday’s Senate hearing, People’s Commissar of Justice Merrick Garland said he still has the FBI investigating the dangerous and desperate characters who object to sexual indoctrination and inculcating racial hatred and revisionist history.

If I had a Halloween Party, I’d invite leaders of the monster-support squad, like the aforesaid Mayor Kenney, who’s proud to provide a safe haven for huddled masses of future rapists. Also:

– Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan who said the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (which existed for a few months last year) had a “block party atmosphere” and could lead to a “Summer of Love.” Established by the radical left, CHAZ came to be dominated by gang members. Durkan has a hard time distinguishing between love and rape.

– Portland, Oregon’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, who said his strategy for ending the 2020 riots and attacks on federal buildings was to let the chaos “burn itself out.”

– New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who slashed the police budgets and just mandated vaccination for all city workers, including cops, fireman and medical personnel. That’s his prescription for keeping the streets safe — along with removing a statute of the author of the Declaration of Independence from the City Council Chamber.

– New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who said knowledge of the Bill of Rights was “above my pay grade,” Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAulliffe (who said parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach), Ex-New York Governor and serial molester Andrew Cuomo, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who says 99% of criticism she gets for her pro-crime policies is due to racism and sexism.

– The Biden Bunch would be represented by Tracy-Stone Manning, the former eco-terrorist just confirmed as Director of The Bureau of Land Management (who believes children are a form of pollution) and Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of HHS, who’s already in costume.

We can laugh at the kids who’ll go door-to-door Sunday evening, colorfully attired as superheroes or princesses. The swamp creatures who populate the political landscape are somewhat less amusing.

The monsters are always out there, on the periphery of civilization. Biden and his party are letting then in and helping the creatures to establish residence.

Into a power vacuum, children of the night have crawled. As they used to say in horror movies, “Kill it (politically) before it multiplies!”

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