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Biden’s DOJ Goes Easy on Transgender Lunatic Who Vandalized Church

Biden’s DOJ Goes Easy on Trans Lunatic Who Vandalized Church
The clearest example of how viciously anti-Christian Biden’s regime really is.
By Robert Spencer

While the FBI has been sending spies into Catholic churches, hunting for “domestic terrorism,” Old Joe Biden’s laughably named “Justice” Department has just offered what Fox News calls a “sweetheart plea deal” to a woman who claims to be a man and who smashed doors, destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, assaulted a church staffer, and sprayed graffiti at a Catholic church in Washington state. There isn’t even the pretense of fairness anymore. The double standard is glaring and obvious.

Fox reported on Wednesday that Merrick Garland’s Justice-for-Leftists department recommended that Maeve Nota, a balanced, well-adjusted woman who claims to be a man and sometimes goes by the name Adam Nota, get no jail time at all for her vandalism spree at St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Wash., last June, not long after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

According to the police report, Nota threw quite a tantrum: “She was crying hysterically, yelling obscenities, & refused to identify herself. At one point, when in the seated position, Nota threw herself to the ground & began rolling down the small grass hill… According to witness, Nota shouted, ‘F**k you! F**k the church! The church is grooming kids!’ Among the graffiti per police: ‘women haters’ ‘rot in your fake hell’ ‘abusers’ ‘kid f***ers’ ‘we hate women’ ‘kid groomers’ ‘we hate gay people.’” One thing you can say about Leftists: they always pour on the charm. Who could resist this lovely lady’s appeal to reason?

Nota did much more than just scream obscenities. According to Fox, she “smashed two glass doors with rocks,” and “police said he used a backpack full of spray paint cans to smash the police vehicle before turning himself in.” If Jason Rantz of Seattle’s KTTH is correct that Maeve Nota is a woman, Fox should be ashamed of itself for pandering to her mental illness by referring to her as a male. In any case, its report adds, “A church staff member was spray-painted across their face while attempting to chase Nota away.”

Mike Davis of the Article III Project, which is dedicated to defending judges who rule by the Constitution rather than the politics of the moment, noted the alleged Justice Department’s double standard: “It is very clear that the Biden Justice Department has politicized and weaponized the FACE Act to go after pro-life Christians praying outside of abortion clinics like Mark Houck while turning a blind eye to violent felons terrorizing and badly damaging Catholic churches like Maeve Nota.”

Mark Houck is the clearest example of how viciously anti-Christian Catholic Joe’s regime really is. Biden’s appallingly corrupt FBI arrested him in the most terrifying way possible. As PJM’s Paula Bolyard reported, the feds carried out “a SWAT raid on the family home at 7:05 a.m. According to [Houck’s wife] Ryan-Marie’s account, there were 25-30 agents in 15 cars. They surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, and ‘started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.’” Houck’s children were screaming in terror.

Davis added, “The Biden Justice Department tried to put Houck in prison for 11 years for defending his son while recommending no jail time for Nota after this deranged trans terrorist badly damaged a Catholic church, fought with the police, assaulted a church employee, and scared the hell out of a little old lady praying.”

And just to emphasize that the action against Houck wasn’t a one-off, the following week, the FBI carried out a similar raid at the home of a 73-year-old pro-life activist, Chester Gallagher. But Maeve Nota did $10,000 in damages to St. Louise Catholic Church, and there was no SWAT raid. Fox reported that “according to filings from early March, Biden’s Justice Department hit Nota with destruction of religious property, a misdemeanor that can carry up to one year in prison and $100,000 in fines.” However, “a previously unreported plea agreement between the Justice Department, Nota, and his attorney shows that they will recommend no jail time and three years of probation at the time of his sentencing on June 2.”

That’s it. Three years of probation. If Maeve Nota had decided to have her violent fit at an abortion center, she might never breathe free air again. But she had the good judgment to have it at a Catholic church instead. Thus her rage coincides with the regime’s agenda, and she can go on to strike another church on another day. That’s justice in Old Joe Biden’s America.

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