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Biden’s “Day One Executive Actions” To Help Americans Breaks On “Day One”

Biden’s “Day One Executive Actions” To Help Americans Breaks On “Day One”
By Daniel Greenfield


But this does come from the same brilliant minds that gave us the ObamaCare site and other miracles of site design. These people happen to be much better at taking sites down than at putting them up.

Even when it’s their own sites.

The Biden team had started out by using, the inept slogan of their campaign, as their transition site. And they used that site to deploy a press release touting, “President-elect Biden’s Day One Executive Actions Deliver Relief for Families Across America Amid Converging Crises.”

Very present tense.

Then they shifted over to the domain and redirected everything to the root domain breaking their own press release and turning it into a dead link.

It’s not especially shocking because, despite their claims that they’re data geniuses, Democrats are much better at shutting down the competition than at actually competing.

President Trump solidly beat them on social media engagement in 2016. And they responded not by being more competitive in 2020, but by deploying false claims of disinformation and allying with Big Tech monopolies to shadowban, marginalize, and shut down his social media presence.

A dead link seems appropriate for an administration of dead links. Especially when that dead link is a promise to help families across America.

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