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Biden to Make Sure Criminals in Jail Vote for Him

Biden to Make Sure Criminals in Jail Vote for Him
New plan offers hiring quotas for criminals, billions in grants and jailed voter outreach.
By Daniel Greenfield

Friday was a good day for criminals. Just like every day in the Biden administration.

Not that Biden and his pro-crime administration calls them criminals. In the 2,500 word statement, the term “criminal” never appears once. Neither do “felon”, “offender” or “convict”. Never mind “murderer”, “rapist” or “mugger”. Such hurtful language would be insensitive.

Instead the Biden administration has adopted the awkward pro-crime euphemism of referring to criminals as “justice-involved persons”, “incarcerated persons” and the even more elongated “eligible persons with criminal history records”. By “eligible”, Biden doesn’t mean bachelors.

What is Biden offering these “justice-involved persons”, who are not prosecutors or corrections officers, but robbers, con artists and pedophiles? Free stuff at taxpayer expense.

Are you a thug shortly to be on the loose? Apply for food stamps directly from your cell. The Biden administration will be sending “guidance” to agencies handing out food stamps to “accept and process SNAP applications before someone is released from jail or prison”.

What else does Biden have for the Murderers, Muggers and Molesters of America? The administration’s “strategic plan supports justice-involved individuals” with expanded “access to health care”, “affordable housing”, “educational opportunities”, “food and subsistence benefits”, “job opportunities and access to business capital”, and “banking and other financial services”.

Why even bother being a law-abiding citizen when all of this is waiting for you?

Biden is “expanding access to” bank accounts for “justice-involved persons” and giving “incarcerated persons” more access to Medicare and Medicaid, and tips on voting Democrat.

That guy who picked your pocket: he’s getting a voter guide with all the D’s marked in red.

Or as the Biden administration puts it, “Most people in jail are eligible to vote, since jails primarily detain people awaiting trial, who have not been convicted of any crime, or those serving misdemeanor sentences that do not preclude voting.” And Biden’s DOJ, which now divides its time equally between prosecuting conservative opponents and aiding criminals, “will provide guidance on state-specific voter rights for incarcerated persons and promote strategies to reduce barriers for eligible voters.”

Your local neighborhood child molester and car thief just became a valuable part of the Democrat electorate. Conducting voter outreach in jail is the perfect captive audience. The next step will be converting jail community organizing into a nonprofit funded program.

Is there any chance the Biden administration would be doing this if it didn’t expect to gain votes?

Increasingly unpopular, the Democrats are doubling down on their 2022 strategy of ‘finding voters’ the way pigs find truffles. Forget trying to appeal to the nation as a whole. That’s not happening. Biden’s approval ratings are in the 40s and Kamala’s are in the 30s. The majority of the country would rather that someone else, anyone else, run on the Democrat ticket.

That’s a problem if you view elections as a public referendum, not if you view voters as assets and use detailed demographic data to flip off most of the country and focus on turning out the dumbest and most worthless people around who are easy to manipulate with ballot harvesters and massive bribes. Nothing is off the table. Make credit-worthy homebuyers subsidize Biden’s zero down diversity FHFA base, investigate parents who objective to pedophilia in schools as domestic terrorists and just toss out student loans in exchange for votes.

Speaking of that, Biden’s great giveaway for criminals includes implementing a process that will allow “an estimated 760,000 persons to become eligible for a Pell Grant through prison education programs”. A Pell Grant averages $4,130. Multiply that by 760,000 and you get $3.1 billion. But, come on, man, it’s just money. And we have as much of it as we can print.

Certainly more than enough to roll out a massive welfare state expansion for the latest exciting addition to the Dem team roster after the ‘men who want to play womens’ sports’ get settled in sashaying around the locker room.

All the inflation will be a problem for someone else after Biden is fossilized in Lenin’s Tomb.

In true Tammany Democrat, AFL-CIO and Sicilian Mafia fashion, being with the party also means getting jobs. Guaranteed jobs. From the companies they bribed with taxpayer cash.

Are you a serial embezzler? Come work for the federal government where, once hired, you can never be fired.

The National Defense Authorization Act, one of those horrible monsters you had to pass to find out what was in it, included provisions from Senator Cory Booker’s pro-crime Fair Chance Act limiting “agency requests for criminal history record information prior to conditional offer of employment.”

Indeed, why shouldn’t the federal government, which is practically a criminal enterprise already, dare to ask about the criminal past of the fella looking to get a job looking over your information?

Biden warns that the federal government’s “ban the box” policy (a social justice euphemism for banning even asking about the past criminal history of an applicant) will impose “accountability measures for hiring officials who are alleged to violate it”. Under the most pro-crime administration in history, there’s no accountability for criminals, only for those who get in their way.

The equity supervillains of the “Chief Diversity Officers Executive Council” will create “metrics for enhancing federal employment opportunities for qualified workers with criminal history records.” Criminals will now benefit from their very own dedicated affirmative action quotas.

Steal national security secrets and sell them to China? Come work for the Pentagon. Serial rapist? Have you considered working at a federal women’s penitentiary? Get sent to prison for stealing other people’s social security checks. There’s always work for you at the Post Office.

Beyond semi-redundantly filling the federal workforce with criminals, all that corrupt special interest pork from the Inflation Increase Act, the CHIPS Act and the Pay Democrat Donors Act will be used to find jobs for the party’s new criminal electorate.

The Department of Energy will be “encouraging” its “competitive grant recipients” to hire workers with “criminal history records.”

Why should federal contractors settle for employing amateur criminals to defraud taxpayers when they can partner with Biden to employ professional criminals?

The Department of Labor will also help criminals get jobs “in secure areas in ports facilities and vessels”. Formerly secure areas. Soon to be managed by criminals whose jobs were obtained by the Biden administration.

Friday is usually when damning information is ‘dumped’ at a time when it’s likely to be ignored. If the Biden administration really wanted people to see its latest release, it would have scheduled a mid-week event. Instead it buried its plot to spend billions on an expanded welfare state for criminals, corrupt the federal government and use jails to solicit Biden votes.

But it’s big news even if it’s not the kind the media would ever truthfully headline. The most criminal administration in the country’s history has officially partnered with actual criminals.

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