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Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Green Energy Plan To Enrich His Donors

Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Green Energy Plan to Enrich His Donors

Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Green Energy Plan to Enrich His Donors
By Daniel Greenfield

Let’s just call these billion/trillion green energy plans what they are and have been since the Obama era, a way for Democrats to pour a fortune into the pockets of their donors.

Green energy plans spend a fortune and accomplish nothing except stealing massive amounts of money from the people, by doing everything from raising electricity rates and product costs, to massive giveaways of taxpayer money, that go to Communist China and Big Green donors.

So of course Biden, probably the crookedest presidential candidate in ages, has responded to the pandemic and mass unemployment with a plan to make his donors rich.


When it’s a word salad of buzzwords meant to justify $2 trillion in spending, you know the thieving is going to be epic.

After two paragraphs about the Wuhan Virus, which Biden can’t bring himself to call by its name, he drags out the hoary old environmentalist nonsense that failing to throw more money at Big Green donors means we’re letting China beat us. (Spoiler alert, Green Energy investment is an economic windfall for China which dominates rare earths while domestic drilling hurts China.)

Biden also digs up the old false claims of Green Jobs. Spoiler alert again, the Green Jobs never actually arrive. But Big Green gets much richer. The actual jobs go to China except for a handful at a few government subsidized plants that then quickly go under.

Meanwhile, the details under the hood, show just how corrupt Biden’s $2 trillion plan is. Take this one, “As part of his historic commitment to increasing procurement investments, Biden will make a major federal commitment to purchase clean vehicles for federal, state, tribal, postal, and local fleets”

So taxpayers will be on the hook for buying a whole bunch of electric cars, whether or not anyone needs them, to provide a benefit for… Elon Musk? GM?

Make major public investments in automobile infrastructure — including in 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations — to create good jobs in industries supporting vehicle electrification.

Again, whom is this helping? If people really needed EV stations, there’d be a business model for doing it? Why are we supposed to spend a fortune to subsidize Biden’s donor class Tesla owners?

Set a goal that all new American-built buses be zero-emissions by 2030, which will create significant demand for the manufacturing of new, clean American-built buses utilizing American-manufactured inputs – and accelerate the progress by converting all 500,000 school buses in our country — including diesel — to zero emissions.

So, instead of funding schools, Biden is going to divert money from classrooms to buying electric buses? Biden wants to steal from kids to reward his Big Green donors.

This is the kind of greed and corruption that Biden is already promising Americans.

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