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Biden Keeps Shutting Down Lithium Mining Making Us Dependent on China

Biden Keeps Shutting Down Lithium Mining Making Us Dependent on China
10% for the big guy.
By Daniel Greenfield

The Biden administration is trying to ban real cars in favor of electric cars. It’s pushing unreliable wind and solar over reliable gas, oil and coal energy sources. All of that requires lots of lithium for energy storage and that makes us dependent on China.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration also keeps shutting down efforts to mine lithium in America.

Rover Metals Corp. is pleased to announce that it has it received its exploration drill permit from the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) to further exploration at its Let’s Go Lithium (“LGL”) project, NV, USA.

The LGL project is located on approximately 6,000 acres of BLM land within the prolific southwest Nevada claystone lithium jurisdiction. The BLM permit allows for up to 30 drill holes to a depth of up to 90 meters per hole.

That was in April. And obviously, it couldn’t last.

Federal land managers have formally withdrawn their authorization of a Canadian mining company’s lithium exploration project bordering a national wildlife refuge in southern Nevada after conservationists sought a court order to block it.

But before a judge in Las Vegas could rule on the request, the Bureau of Land Management notified Rover Metals on Wednesday that its earlier acceptance of the company’s notice of its intent to proceed “was in error.”

“In error”.

It probably doesn’t help that there’s an eco-terrorist in charge of BLM now. (That’s Bureau of Land Management, which is in charge of a whopping amount of government land and has the ability to shut down ranching and mining in much of the west.)

The Center for Biological Diversity, the so-called ‘conservationists’ in the article, are pretty good at finding something living in the vicinity of any mining site.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced the start of environmental review today for a Nevada lithium mine that jeopardizes an endangered wildflower, kicking off a 30-day scoping comment period that spans the holidays.

The announcement comes less than a week after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared the rare Nevada wildflower Tiehm’s buckwheat an endangered species because of the threat posed by the Rhyolite Ridge Mine.

And then there were the satellites.

The Railroad Valley playa in Nevada is a large parcel of land that’s most remarkable for its lack of features.

While it doesn’t look like much from above, the relative nothingness contributes to how scientists understand climate change, aid in farmers, prepare for natural disasters and track the weather.

In April, the Bureau of Land Management approved NASA’s request to withdraw nearly 23,000 acres of the dried lakebed so scientists can continue to use the land for satellite calibration. However, the action disrupts plans by a lithium mining company, which estimates the salt deposits below the surface could rival lithium mines in South America.

It’s almost like the goal here is to sabotage any lithium mining project to keep us dependent on China. Almost.

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