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Biden Claims He Spoke to the Man Who ‘Invented’ Insulin

Biden Claims He Spoke to the Man Who ‘Invented’ Insulin
The man died before Biden was born.
By Robert Spencer

Snopes and are unlikely to tell you this, but I will: insulin wasn’t actually invented at all. Insulin is a hormone produced within the body. In 1923, Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering insulin. So right off the bat, what Old Joe Biden says is hogwash: no one “invented” insulin, unless Joe meant that he was talking to the God whom he otherwise ignores unless he feels it necessary to flaunt his alleged Catholic piety for political purposes.

But giving Joe the benefit of the doubt, maybe he meant that he spoke with Banting or Macleod. The only problem with that is that Banting died in 1941 and Macleod in 1935; Joe Biden was born in 1942. So what’s going on here? Is it Joe’s addiction to lying again or his galloping dementia again?

Speaking Tuesday in Florida on lowering prescription drug costs, Biden said:

Now, starting in January, we’re also capping the cost of insulin. How many of you know somebody with diabetes who needs insulin? Well, guess what? And we — when we — f — when — when — we — when Debbie and I passed this law, it included everybody, not just seniors. And so, what happened was, we said, Okay, you know how much it cost to make that insulin drug for diabetes? Cost — it was invented by a man who did not patent it because he wanted it available for everyone. I spoke to him, okay? And guess what? It cost 10 bucks to make. Ten bucks to make. And if you count packaging and everything, you can maybe get it up to $15.

There is a remote possibility that Biden might actually be saying something that is close to true and accurate. When Banting and Macleod won the Nobel Prize, each one of them shared it with another researcher whom they said had been instrumental in the process: Banting shared his Prize with Charles H. Best and Macleod with James Collip. Collip died in 1965, when Old Joe was busy plagiarizing at Syracuse University College of Law, so he is an unlikely candidate for such a meeting, but Best died in March 1978, after Biden had served five years in the Senate. These scientists did patent the insulin drug but then sold the patent to the University of Toronto for one dollar so that a pharmaceutical company could not patent the drug and it would be available to everyone.

Did Senator Biden at some point speak with Charles Best? It’s remotely possible, but it’s also ridiculous that speculation of this kind is necessary in order to try to determine the veracity of what the president of the United States has said. In the final analysis, which is more likely: that Biden, who has a career-long record of lying, and continues to lie flagrantly virtually every time he opens his mouth, is lying again here, or that he is actually telling the truth about an obscure conversation he had decades ago? The smart money, it must be said, is on Joe lying yet again.

This is, after all, the man who has repeatedly claimed that his son Beau was killed in Iraq when he died of brain cancer in the United States. This is the man who also repeatedly claimed that a drunk driver caused the accident that killed his first wife. This is the man whose plagiarism of an English politician’s rhetoric torpedoed his 1988 presidential campaign. This is the man who lies so often and so brazenly that his chief public relations agency, the New York Times, had to devote a recent story to trying to minimize and explain away Biden’s contempt for the truth. In light of all that (and there is so much more), what’s a little insulin?

Maybe now Old Joe can call up the man who invented insulin and get him to work on the winter of severe illness and death that the alleged president threatened upon those who didn’t get his ineffective and dangerous COVID-19 vaccines. They can go together to the Potemkin Oval Office to stage a press conference before the gaggle of sycophants known as the “journalists” of the White House Press Corps. Maybe while he’s there, Joe can tell us more about his experiences going to a predominantly black university. If Joe’s lies could be turned into gasoline, supply would be so high that the price per gallon would drop to pennies.

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