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Batwoman Becomes Batlesbian: How Superheros Are Used in the LGBTQ Propaganda Machine

Batwoman Becomes Batlesbian: How Superheros Are Used in the LGBTQ Propaganda Machine to Normalize Sodomy to Teenagers
By Julio Severo

The LGBTQ Gestapo treats as a “crime” any sign of a man renouncing homosexuality, but LGBTQ activism does whatever it wants to whoever it wants. LGBTQ activism has used beloved superhero characters which many Americans grew up reading about in comic books to propagandize a lifestyle contrary to biological sex.

On January 19, 2020, the episode of the CW’s Batwoman television series, Batwoman, represented by actress Ruby Rose, announced to the world what gay propagandists call “sexual orientation” — she’s now Batlesbian.

For those that don’t follow the Batman universe, Batwoman is really Kat Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne, whose alter ego is Batman.

Batwoman tells a teenager about herself after hearing about the teen’s parents refusing to accept her homosexuality. Actually, this was sheer propaganda to encourage teenagers confused about their biological sexuality. Normally, when teenagers are confused about drugs, parents and other wise adults encourage them to shun drugs.

Homosexuality is not less addictive and destructive than drugs. The way to help teenagers to avoid addictive and destructive behaviors is to encourage them by law and propaganda. On December 2019 President Donald Trump raised the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 for both cigarettes and vapes to protect young people of the evils of smoking.

While no similar measure is launched to protect young people, gay exploiters and predators will keep using their strategies to transform everything in LGBTQ to influence and impact teenagers. They will not stop. Just like Big Tobacco, their propaganda should be stopped.

The Batwoman series debuted in October 2019 on the CW and was promoted as the first superhero series in television history to feature an avowed LGBTQ character as the central character.

They will not stop launching and transforming traditional superhero characters into LGBTQ propagandists until they are stopped in their tracks.

If Russia was able to ban homosexual propaganda to children and teenagers, why cannot the U.S. follow this good example to protect American children and teenagers?

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