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Feminism Assaulting Women

Assaulting Women is the New Feminism

Assaulting Women is the New Feminism
Feminism became complicit in violence against women long before Oct 7.
By Daniel Greenfield

Last year, Payton McNabb, a teenage girl, was seriously injured while playing in a high school volleyball game against a transgender male athlete in North Carolina. A year later she’s still struggling with partial paralysis and constant headaches, and has trouble learning.

If Payton expected feminist groups to side with her, she was disappointed. Instead the Feminist Majority Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Ms. Magazine, denounced the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” bill meant to protect teenage girls like her.

The Feminist Majority Foundation, along with Feminist Campus, Equal Rights Advocates, Girls Inc, Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, Trust Women, United State of Women, and the National Organization for Women, and numerous feminist groups signed a letter attacking the federal ‘Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act’ for daring to protect women from suffering the way that Payton and other female athletes had.

A dozen organizations with “women”, “girl” or “feminist” in their names were dedicated to the proposition that womens’ sports should be eliminated and that any women or girls who play should be ready to suffer catastrophic injuries from 220-lb. ‘transgender’ male athletes.

Beating women and denying their existence is the new feminism. So is raping women.

In the wake of the Hamas rapes during the invasion of Israel on Oct 7, some have wondered where the feminist organizations are. The answer is that they’re supporting the rapists.

Feminist Front coordinated a statement claiming that “Palestine” was a “feminist issue” and complaining that “Palestinian boys and men have been falsely portrayed as bloodthirsty terrorists, rapists, and savages”. The statement was signed by the Global Women’s Strike, Feminist Uprising, Black Feminist Future, HEART: Women and Girls and other socialist organizations.

When feminist groups weren’t outright supporting the rapists, they were ducking the issue.

The few feminist groups that addressed the Hamas sexual assaults either offered generic statements, such as the National Organization of Women’s press release condemning, without any specifics, “the use of rape as a weapon of war”, or tried to split the difference, like Women for Women International equating the Hamas rapes and murders of Israeli women, to Muslim women suspected of carrying bombs being strip searched by Israeli authorities.

The Global Fund for Women “unequivocally” denounced “all forms of sexual and gender-based violence worldwide” including in “Israel and Palestine”, condemned Hamas and Israel for “the violent bombardment of Gaza” and demanded an investigation into “sexual and gender-based violence committed against Israeli and Palestinian women.”

Some feminist organizations parroted the leftist line calling for an end to Israeli attacks on Hamas. The Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO), established by former Rep. Bella Abzug, the first Jewish congresswoman, republished a statement from AWID titled “feminist demand: stop the massacre in Gaza” and called for “decolonization”. WEDO issued no statement about the massacre and rape of Israeli women by Hamas Jihadists.

Anyone still surprised had not been paying attention to the trajectory of a movement that denies women exist and upholds the right of men who claim to be women to beat and even sexually assault women.

Feminist groups demand that transgender sex offenders should be locked up together with women and champion “non-carceral” and “restorative justice” solutions for rapists.

“Palestine” is a feminist issue. So are “decarceration” programs that put rapists right back on the street along with transgender sports. What isn’t a feminist issue anymore is protecting women. Asserting that women, as opposed to “bodies with vaginas”, “pregnant people” or “bleeders”, exist is now a radical position from a marginalized group of ‘TERFs’.

Feminism didn’t just turn its back on Israeli women: it turned its back on women.

Most feminist groups shifted away from criticizing the Islamic abuse of women after 9/11. And those who did not were accused of Islamophobia. It’s now routine in socialist circles to decry the “weaponization of women’s rights by the far right”. By that they mean any reference to not only Islamic misogyny, but transgenderism, crime and any issue except abortion and pay parity.

Legitimizing rape became a feminist cause long before Oct 7. Especially when perpetrated by certain groups. Social service workers and law enforcement personnel who tried to investigate Muslim sex grooming gangs in the UK were denounced as “Islamophobes.”

End Violence Against Women, a British coalition of feminist groups, for example argued that the “depiction of some forms of gender-based violence, especially FGM, as exceptionally ‘barbaric’, is similarly driven by a white supremacist worldview.” The basic position that mutilating young girls is wrong is now white supremacy leads to FGM becoming feminism.

Critics correctly note that feminism failed Israeli rape victims, but whom didn’t it fail?

Feminism now means demanding that men in dresses should have access to battered women’s shelters. There is talk among feminist scholars about opposing Title IX, the foundation of womens’ sports, because it excludes transgender men. Apart from relentlessly campaigning for abortion, what does the feminist movement even do anymore that’s related to women?

A feminist movement that won’t protect battered women, trafficked girls in Europe or womens’ sports in America is certainly not going to stick its neck out for women assaulted by Hamas.

Why should a movement that lets its own daughters be beaten care about Israeli women?

What happened to the feminist movement is fairly similar to what happened to liberal Jewish organizations in America. The particular cause was traded for the general one and groups abandoned their origins and responsibilities to chase after the latest trend in the leftist movement. There are many organizations with “Jewish” or “Women” in their name, but few that actually advocate for Jews or women. Most of these groups just use the pretzel logic of intersectionality to explain why the cause they’re fighting for, which has nothing to do with Jews or women, and is sometimes dangerous to them, is actually a Jewish or feminist cause.

And that is how you end up with Jews for Hamas and Feminists for Rape.

Vulnerable groups provide a certain cachet to a movement, but movements by design are also likely to perpetrate the same abuses that those groups were fighting against. Misogyny and antisemitism were always bound to resurface in a mass movement. The acid test was whether feminist and liberal Jewish groups would remain loyal to their mission or the movement.

They chose the movement.

The rise of Islam inverted the roles of victim and perpetrator. Anyone attacked by Islam became an oppressor. And since women and Jews are both targets of Islamic abuses, the movement accepted the moral inversion that rape and genocide were progressive, and that the oppressors were anyone who complained about terrorism and female genital mutilation.

The feminist movement let down Israeli women, American women, European women and most women. It exists now to campaign for abortion, the hijab, men entering the ladies room and the moral superiority of people from cultures where women have no rights and no freedoms.

Assaulting women is the new feminism. The real feminists are the brave and stunning men in dresses and Islamic rapists and groomers. Feminism is Hamas terrorists breaking into Israel. It’s Steve spiking a ball into a teenage girl’s face. It’s calling women “bleeders”.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

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