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Are There Dangers with Gender Transitioning?

Are There Dangers with Gender Transitioning?
By David Jolly

How much do most of us really know about gender confusion, also known as gender dysphoria, transgenderism? Where did you hear it from?

Chances are, most of what you know has come from the liberal alt-left (media, entertainment, activist groups and the Internet), but is what they’ve been feeding us the truth?

Laurie Higgins, Cultural Affairs Writer for the Illinois Family Institute, explains:

“School administrators and board members terrified of expensive lawsuits are capitulating to the demands of “gender”-confused adolescents. Parents are capitulating to the disordered thinking of their children, terrified that if they don’t, their children will commit suicide. Their fears are stoked by a deeply flawed study that is grossly misunderstood. Academia, the arts, and the professional medical and mental health communities are controlled by Leftists who affirm the nonsensical “trans” ideology. And the mainstream press—not known for deep thinking—swallows and regurgitates any Leftist nonsense that comes oozing or surging down the polluted pike. That’s why you’ll hear even FOX News pundits using incorrect pronouns when referring to those who pretend they are the sex they are not and never can be.”

So, what are some of the truths about gender dysphoria or confusion that we are not told?

Higgins shared some of those:

1. The actual cause of gender dysphoria is yet unknown. Some argue it is caused by ‘brain-sex’, but the jury is still out on that. Regardless of the cause, the process of change is difficult and carries far more risks than we are told.

2. Gender dysphoria can change and easily be treated without drastic measures. Some research indicates that up to 80% of gender confused children, left without medical treatment, will eventually desist from identifying as the opposite sex and will accept their biological sex.

3. The number of children and teens suddenly identifying themselves as transgender is rising at an alarming rate. The phenomenon is known as rapid onset gender dysphoria and is more frequently found in girls. Many cases are linked to friends who claim to be transgender or after spending considerable time in online chat groups. Many children self-diagnose which can often be nothing more than peer pressure and what they are being taught in school.

4. Even the medical community is not certain that long-term risky medical treatments to help with the sexual transformation actually helps or not.

5. The process of determining who receives treatment to carry out sex transformation is not fully monitored.

6. The use of puberty-blockers is dangerous and no one knows the long-term effects they have. One study linked the common puberty-blocker, Lupron to increasing the risks of developing osteopenia (bone thinning), osteoporosis (bone loss), degenerative disc disease, depression and fibromyalgia.

7. The argument that puberty-blockers are only temporary and allows a child time to consider their sexual direction in the future is not so simple. The vast majority who take them go on with the sexual transition. Few use it merely as a temporary thing in which time they make their decision. Nearly 80% who don’t take puberty-blockers grow out of their ‘trans’ period and move on with a normal life with their biological sex.

8. Taking cross-sex hormones carry a number of risks and the long-term effects are unknown. Many of these changes that come with taking cross-sex hormones are irreversible, including voice changes, sterility and hair growth patterns (females taking male hormones can experience male-pattern baldness. It also decreases their good cholesterol and increases the level of bad cholesterol. It can increase blood pressure, increase risk of developing diabetes, weight gain, increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

9. Many gender confused girls turn to binding their breasts, which can result in serious health factors including compressed ribs. This can lead to chronic conditions such as costochondritis (a very painful inflammation of the connective tissues between the ribs). It can also create problems with blood flow and the formation of blood clots. In some cases, a rib can fracture and puncture a lung. There are also cases of back and heart problems associated with breast binding.

10. A growing number of boys are undergoing vaginoplasty in which they are basically castrated and the skin of their penis and scrotum is turned inside to form a new vagina. About 33% of boys who undergo vaginoplasty not only experience a change in urine stream but also have more urethral infections.

11. Girls undergo a much more complicated process to create a male organ. First, they have a hysterectomy. Then a number of skin grafts are used to construct a penis, which is incapable of obtaining an erection, so a penile implant then becomes necessary for any sexual function and this is a risky and difficult procedure with nearly 50% having to be removed due to complications. Even if no complications, the implants need to be regularly replaced every 3-15 years.

12. The majority of transgender adults who have undergone treatment desire to have kids, but the treatments they have had leave them sterile.

13. A growing number of transgender adults who have undergone treatment, regret their change and wish they never had it or could return to their normal sex.

14. Transgender activist groups are making any reasonable research into gender reversal transitions very difficult and near impossible.

What’s happening to our kids these days is tragic and having lifelong impacts that in a growing number of cases leading to serious health and psychological problems and even suicide. Our kids are being brainwashed early on. Not that long ago I recall hearing of a boy who claimed to identify as a girl after hearing a lesson on transgenderism in his kindergarten class. Sadly, the parents have catered to the boys brainwashing and are encouraging his transformation to become a girl.

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says that there are many known problems associated with the cross-gender hormone treatments that so many children, teens and adults are choosing to undergo.

He commented:

“A recent study of transgender patients in the Kaiser Health System showed that men who seek to identify as women actually have higher rates of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks than normal women have.”

“The best study that’s ever been done on this issue – which looked at every person in the country of Sweden who had had gender reassignment surgery over a period of decades – found that the rate of completed suicides was 19 times higher among those who had had gender reassignment surgery than among the general population.”

The dangers of gender conversion are real and they are serious. They need to be made to be made known to all before they regret a decision that may ruin the rest of their lives.

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