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American Fascism

American Fascism
The future is here.
By David Horowitz

The national lynch mob has claimed another victim. Kim Potter a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center police force with a stellar record of protecting the city’s residents has been arrested, assigned a $100,000 bail bond and charged with second-degree manslaughter. All in the absence of an investigation of the facts—in other words, without a scintilla of due process. But that is the essence of a lynching. First the verdict, then the trial. Or else. No justice, no peace.

Because the lynch mob includes the corrupt media, even the circumstances of the shooting of Daunte Wright at a traffic stop have been suppressed. Daunte Wright was a violent criminal who resisted arrest because he had jumped a $100,000 bail for armed robbery and was facing significant jail time if he surrendered to police. His crime was particularly heinous, revealing a mentality that made him a menace to anyone in his path. He and a friend had attended a house party that went late. His female host invited them both to spend the night at her house. In the morning, Daunte Wright repaid her kindness by grabbing her by the throat, waving a gun in her face and demanding her cash, some $850. This is the man being portrayed as a victim of “white supremacy” by the lynch mob set on destroying the career and life of officer Kim Potter, and ultimately disarming the police.

The Wright family has stepped up to provide the lynch mob with pictures of Wright looking innocent and benign with a small child on his lap, feeding the malicious narrative that innocent blacks are being slaughtered for the color of their skin. Who can blame them, since their reward for this service will be a multi-million dollar “settlement” arranged by the black racist mayor of Brooklyn Center who fired his black city manager for saying that Kim Potter deserved “due process,” perhaps the most basic right of Americans against the tyrannies of the state. The settlement will probably not be as large as that of the family of lifetime criminal George Floyd, who received $27 million, or the family of criminal accomplice Breonna Taylor, who received $12 million after her boyfriend shot a police officer and got her killed.

Traffic stops are among the most dangerous encounters police may have with potentially violent criminals like Daunte Wright. Because a car can also be an arsenal of concealed weapons, an officer takes her life in her hands when attempting to make such an arrest. That’s why they order the occupants to show their hands at all times and step out of the vehicle, where they can be safely cuffed. The week before the Wright incident, a criminal arrested at a traffic stop had stepped out of his vehicle as though he were cooperating only to lunge back into it, retrieve a rifle and kill the officer. The video was shown all over the news.

Kim Potter was aware of this incident and also of the warrant for Daunte Wright’s arrest for armed robbery and skipping bail. Having initially stepped out of the vehicle, Wright lunged back into it, triggering Officer Potter’s response. Shouting “taser, taser, taser,” Potter shot Wright with her firearm, which she had mistakenly grasped instead of her taser. Was she panicked and reacting rather than thinking? Probably. But if ever there were a justifiable homicide this was it. Or at least that’s what a fair investigation rather than a police state intervention—arrogating the roles of judge, jury and executioner to the mob—would determine.

The lynch mob’s view of these events was expressed in a statement by its corporate wing—Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream—whose woke leftists explained that “The murder of Daunte Wright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities.” So white supremacists are responsible for making Daunte Wright a violent criminal. This is the kind of racist garbage spread by such celebrated figures as Ta-Nehesi Coates, a National Book Award winner and MacArthur Foundation “genius” whose highly praised book actually argues that whites are responsible for all black crimes.

The Ben & Jerry’s activists also made clear the practical goal of the lynch mob’s attacks on police officers like Kim Potter. “The system can’t be reformed. It has to be dismantled.” In other words, police forces as we have known them have to be destroyed. This is the voice of insurrection, encouraged by a seditious White House and Department of Justice whose Civil Rights Division head, Kristen Clarke, has herself supported the defunding of police and who ordered the indictment of Officer Potter.

As it happens, on the same day that Kim Potter was arraigned, Kristen Clarke and the DOJ announced that there would be no charges filed against the Capitol Police officer who murdered 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt on January 6, and that his identity would be concealed. Ashli Babbitt was unarmed when she was shot and killed. Her murder was filmed by an Hispanic journalist. On the same day as this coverup was announced, the journalist was arrested for being present to film it.

The January 6 mob did not set fire to the Capitol or kill anyone, or do anything worse than rabid anti-Semite and diehard Democrat Linda Sarsour did in organizing a mob to invade the Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, with the purpose of obstructing them. This resulted in hundreds of arrests throughout the hearings but no real jail time for the insurrectionist. By contrast, Nancy Pelosi, who controls the Capitol Police and authorized the protection of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer, has seen to it that demonstrators at the January 6 protest, who murdered no one, are still being held in jail without bail.

This is the face of an American fascism. The suspension of due process, the suppression of dissident voices, the support for vigilante mobs bent on dismantling the democratic system itself. And the leaders of this fascism are in the White House and running the Department of Justice itself.

David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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