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Adidas Hires a Man to Model its New Women’s Swimsuit

Adidas Hires a Man to Model its New Women’s Swimsuit
Yes, it has come to this.
By Robert Spencer

Yes, it has come to this. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) tweeted Wednesday: “I’m old enough to remember when women actually modeled women’s bathing suits, not men.” Alas, we’re way past that now in our enlightened age. If men can become top female admirals and champion female swimmers, why can’t they model the latest in women’s bathing suits? Mace was responding to a new ad campaign from Adidas, featuring a male model wearing their new women’s swimwear line.

Adidas’ website features this fellow, who has visible chest hair and a noticeably male bulge in the crotch area, wearing the swimsuit even though it is clearly marked as “Women’s Sportswear.” Well, yes, it’s women’s sportswear, but it’s also labeled a “Pride Swimsuit.” Adidas customers, however, are not buying this. The Pride Swimsuit, as of this writing, has 353 reviews, with a 1.1 rating out of a possible five.

These reviews are uniformly negative. A sampling:

Thats a man, not a woman

You guys are wrong for putting a man to model women’s swimsuits. #TransWomenAreMen

Never buy Adidas again!

If this is a womens swim suit why is a man wearing it!! I can’t believe that you have also gone down that same rabbit hole as bud light, good luck as you have just 1 more customer and I’m sure I won’t be the last!!

Discrimination Against Women

Why are you trying to erase women, Adidas? This is not inclusivity; it is exclusionary to present someone who is clearly a male when trying to sell women’s swimwear.

I thought Adidas valued women

This is a gross attack on women. This isn’t pride, it’s arrogance to force others to acknowledge your own delusions. This man needs help, not a swimsuit that was meant for me.


Dear Adidas, haven’t you heard about the Budweiser case? Are you sure you want the same end?

I’m a woman and I want to model mens bathing suits

I am an actual woman, and I think it’s totally unfair that I can’t model men’s speedos. Just because I have boobs, I am not allowed to go out in public in a Speedo! No fair no fair no fair!!

Adidas’ website describes this popular item as “A Colorful Swimsuit Made In Part with A Blend of Recycled and Renewable Materials.” Hey, that’s great. As we embrace the delusion and madness of the Left’s transgender agenda, we can go the whole nine yards and embrace still more delusion and madness by buying a climate-friendly swimsuit.

Adidas continues: “Let love be your legacy. South African designer Rich Mnisi once wrote that reminder in a handwritten letter to his younger queer self, and today it thrives at the core of the adidas x Rich Mnisi Pride Collection. A celebration of self-expression, imagination and the unwavering belief that love unites, the collaboration explores fluidity, color and patterns. This partnership is one part of our effort to honor the LGBTQIA+ community alongside our Global Purpose partner Athlete Ally.”

All right, but an inevitable question arises at this point: why does Adidas feel it necessary to “honor the LGBTQIA+ community”? Where is its clothing line that honors the Christian community? Or expresses its pride at being American? Right: nowhere.

This is likely because Adidas, like other corporations, feels it necessary to dance to the tune of the Human Rights Campaign, which has gotten millions of dollars from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and strong-arms corporations into supporting the LGBTQWTF agenda. If they don’t inflict woke advertising campaigns on us, they’re liable to do damage to their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score, which could make them vulnerable to boycotts, media vituperation, employee walkouts, and more.

And so corporations toe the line. Those who are asking Adidas if it has learned the lesson of Bud Light should realize that the answer is clearly no. Corporations still for the most part fear the Left and disdain the Right, and are happy to dance to the Left’s tune while outraging patriots. They take for granted that the patriots will keep buying no matter how unhappy they are.

If those patriots want this madness to end, they’re going to have to reject many more products as unanimously and resolutely as they have turned away from Bud Light. Will Adidas suffer the same fate and provide yet another illustration of the “Go woke, go broke” adage? We can only hope.

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