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A Major New Resource for Conservatives

A Major New Resource for Conservatives
Unveiling an enormous new weapon for the war against the Left., the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s massive encyclopedia of the Left, is pleased to announce that it has just expanded its database in a major way. You may already be familiar with its thousands of detailed profiles of the key individuals, organizations, and funders that drive the engine of leftism in the United States. But now, readers of DiscoverTheNetworks will also have access to many hundreds of additional resources on a wide variety of key political and social issues. An understanding of these issues is essential to the task of educating our fellow Americans about the monstrous dangers posed by the Left.

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One particularly noteworthy new section of DiscoverTheNetworks clearly defines Leftism and its agendas, while also distinguishing between Leftism and Liberalism – a monumentally vital distinction that is rarely made in the media.

Another new section defines Conservatism and the values upon which it is founded. A key subsection lays bare the racist cruelty with which the Left routinely treats black conservatives in particular, chiefly because they fail to identify themselves as the helpless, perpetually aggrieved victims of a racist society.

There is also an extensive new section on Immigration, which explores America’s absurdly crafted asylum laws, the crisis at America’s southern border, the financial costs and criminality associated with illegal immigration, the injustice and destructiveness of the lawless “sanctuary” policies that protect illegal aliens in hundreds of U.S. cities, and the hypocrisy of the many Democrats and leftists who once favored the strict enforcement of immigration laws but now endorse open borders.

A section on Islam & Muslims explores the history of Islam, the basic tenets of the faith, the political agendas of fundamentalist Islam, the attitudes and allegiances of Muslims in various nations around the world, the requirements of Sharia Law, Islam’s troubling alliance with the socialist Left, the status of women in the Muslim world, the history and objectives of violent jihad, the psychology of the jihadist, the ongoing Muslim persecution of Christians across the globe, the hollow rhetoric about allegedly ubiquitous “Islamophobia,” the funding of worldwide jihadism and terrorism, the “stealth” jihad which has quietly infiltrated America’s political system, and the fraudulence of claims that Islamic terrorism is a by-product of poverty rather than of a morally degenerate belief system.

A section on Israel & Its People explores such topics as Israel’s history and its right to exist, the history and objectives of the Zionist movement, the various wars that Israel and its Arab neighbors have fought, the absurd notion that Israel is somehow a “Nazi” or “apartheid” state, the definitions of “Palestine” and “Palestinians,” the character of the Palestinian people, the causes of Palestinian poverty, the Palestinians’ so-called “Right of Return,” the Hamas-inspired BDS movement that aims to destroy Israel by means of international boycotts and sanctions, and the Democratic Party’s ever-declining support for Israel.

A section titled “The Decline of Democrat-Run Cities & States” lays bare the fact that in city after city where Democrats have been in charge politically for an extended period of time, we find exceedingly high—indeed, often colossal—levels of poverty and crime. And the longer those Democrats have been in charge, the worse the conditions tend to be. In short, Democrats have transformed a host of once-great metropolises into urban prisons where the common man—particularly the black and Hispanic common man on whose behalf Democrats typically claim to speak—has been grievously harmed by one destructive Democratic policy after another.

A section titled “Victims Of The Left” builds upon that same theme by examining how the welfare state has devastated African Americans, how the government-created housing crisis of 2008 plundered the wealth of nonwhites, and how the public education system has failed blacks and Hispanics in cities across the United States.

A section titled “Crime” lays out the facts about such matters as overall crime and arrest statistics, interracial crime, hate crimes, the use of force by police, the application of the death penalty, “stop-and-frisk” practices, racial profiling, the false claim that the American criminal-justice system is racist, and the cause-and-effect relationship between fatherless homes and criminality.

A section on Education explores leftist dominance in academia generally, as well as in fields such as American Studies, Black Studies, Whiteness Studies, Women’s Studies, Peace Studies, Sociology, and Social Work Education specifically. Vis-a-vis education at the K-12 level, DiscoverTheNetworks shows precisely how the public education system has failed low-income minority children in particular; how Head Start and other early-childhood education programs have proven to be little more than ineffective boondoggles; how Common Core has been a negative force in the classroom; and how schoolchildren are being indoctrinated with the tenets of leftist ideology.

A section on Health Care dives deeply into subjects like Obamacare, the government’s ever-increasing encroachment into the U.S. health care system, and the highly significant problems inherent in government-run medical systems around the world.

And there’s much, much more. To name just a few of the additional areas of study that DiscoverTheNetworks is now making available to its readers: Affirmative Action, Animal Rights, Anti-Americanism, The Arab Lobby, Capitalism & Globalization, Communism & Socialism, Economics, Environmentalism, Fascism, Feminism, Hollywood, Libertarianism, Media Bias, Multiculturalism, The Peace Movement, Progressivism, The Religious Left, and “Social Justice.”

In order to defeat the Left on the battleground of ideas, conservatives must be well informed regarding the political and social issues that matter most. They must be able to articulate the principles and facts upon which their positions are founded. And they must be able to explain why conservatism is the best means of promoting a free and just society. DiscoverTheNetworks is dedicated to helping conservatives achieve these vital goals. There is no other resource like it on the Internet. Check it out, today – particularly the Index to the many new sections which are now available.

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