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42% of Young Male Democrats Believe Transgender Movement a Threat to Children

42% of Young Male Dems Believe Transgender Movement a Threat to Children
By Daniel Greenfield

This is a Southern Poverty Law Center survey. And I wouldn’t be posting SPLC content if it wasn’t spectacular. And it is spectacular.

Overall, 49% of people said they believe gender ideology has corrupted American culture, including 34% of Democrats, 72% of Republicans, and 45% of Independents.

The magic happens when you break down the numbers by age and gender. Among younger Democrat men, a group that the SPLC survey defines as under 50, the numbers are dramatically different than among baby boomers.

Only 20% of Democrat men over 50 agree that “gender ideology has corrupted American culture”, but 47% of younger Democratic men agree.

Only 41% disagree.

The numbers are better among Democrat women, but there’s still a sharp age split.

Only 26% of older Democrat women agree, while 37% of younger Democrat women do.

The numbers get progressively worse for lefties on the question of transgender indoctrination of children and whether it’s a threat to children.

40% of young Democrat men agree that there’s indoctrination of children and 42% agree it’s a threat to children.

Compare that to only 2% of older male Democrats.

34% of younger Democrat women see indoctrination going on and 27% agree it’s a threat to children.

I can’t emphasize this enough. These numbers are coming from the demographic that is supposed to be the future of the Democrat party. And 30% to 40% of that demographic is rejecting gender identity politics. This is spectacularly bad news for the Left which decided that transgender identity politics is the future.

The numbers under the hood, especially among young male Dems, are seriously bad. And a reckoning is coming.

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