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20 Questions The Left Should Be Asked – But Will Never Answer

20 Questions The Left Should Be Asked – But Will Never Answer
We have to do the job the propaganda media won’t do.
By Karen Kataline

Isn’t it about time the Left and their media minions were asked some tough questions?We know they won’t answer them, but we should keep asking anyway.

Here are the first twenty just to start us off:

1. Why do you claim to have such concern for our health and safety but you want to open our borders and let criminals out of jail?

2. Why is it “misinformation” and a “threat to Democracy” to tolerate and encourage independence of thought rather than suppressing it? (How arrogant does a person have to be to believe he’s the final arbiter of truth?)

3. How does it fight racism to encourage hatred and bigotry toward white people?

4. How does it help black people to constantly tell them they are victims?

5. Why are all your gun laws aimed at law-abiding citizens rather than criminals?

6. What’s the real reason you want to disarm law-abiding citizens while at the same time doing everything you can to make their lives more dangerous?

7. Why did accusations of racism accelerate exponentially after Barack Obama was twice-elected President of the United States?

8. Why do you accentuate the race of a minority person if he is a victim of a crime but demand that we ignore a minority person’s race if he is the perpetrator of a crime? For that matter, why do you ignore crimes altogether when the victim is white?

9. How is it racist to want a secure border for everyone regardless of their race?

10. How is it racist to require all voters to show an ID regardless of their race?

11. Why isn’t it racist to claim that minorities are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID?

12. How would you gauge progress in your declared fight against racism? What would that look like and would you ever acknowledge it?

13. What are you trying to accomplish by over-broadening the term, “racist” until it encompasses inanimate objects? (Birds are racist, toys are racist, food is racist, etc. etc.)

14. Why did the media ignore good news related to COVID-19 but continued to push the panic button for a year and a half? The loss of loved ones by suicide, bankruptcies have been incalculable. Are you at all culpable?

15. Why is it a riot to “march peacefully and patriotically” to protest congress’ refusal to examine voter fraud, but it’s not a riot or insurrection to burn and loot major cities and take over 6 blocks of downtown Seattle?

16. Why are we discovering that the opposing ideas you have censored most (Voter fraud, Origins of the virus, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, danger of vaccines, efficacy of masks… etc.) are the ones that have turned out to be true?

17. If you are censoring the truth on purpose, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that you are deliberately perpetrating a fraud on the American people? If so, Why are you doing this? What is the ultimate purpose and who’s calling the shots?

18. Why won’t the media mention Biden’s obvious and growing dementia?

19. How can you claim to be morally outraged by slavery while advocating policies that treat us all like slaves?

20. How aware are you that the ideology and tactics you are supporting is textbook communism and that it will lead to your own destruction as well as ours?

You can probably think of a lot more, but at this point, my next question would be:

21. If you are aware of any of the things in this first twenty questions, but refuse to alter your behavior or your views, how do you sleep at night?

Karen Kataline is a commentator, talk show host and Columbia University-trained social worker. She hosts a live, call-in talk radio program called Spouting Off.

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