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121,882 Children as Young as 6 Tracked for ‘Transgender’ Treatment

121,882 Children as Young as 6 Tracked for ‘Transgender’ Treatment
Puberty blockers have been inflicted on as “at least 4,780 adolescents”.
By Daniel Greenfield

What could possibly cause a doubling of a psychological condition in 5 years? One of those questions that mustn’t be asked because it would reveal the sheer horror of what’s happening.

In a new Reuters story, the media organization claims that new diagnoses in the United States of patients ages 6-17 shot up from 15,172 in 2017 to 42,167 in 2021.

What could possibly cause over a doubling in 5 years?

Medicaid breakdowns show California now has nearly 3,000 cases, New York has over 2,000, Massachusetts has over 1,000, and Washington has around 2,000.

The Medicaid element on some of this is revealing. We’re dealing at least partly with medical experimentation on low-income families or on homeless teenagers.

“Overall, the analysis found that at least 121,882 children ages 6 to 17 were diagnosed with gender dysphoria from 2017 through 2021.”

That tracks them for anything including hormones and eventually castration, mastectomies or hysterectomies depending on their sex.

They will have their lifespans significantly shortened, be unable to have children and be at much higher risk for suicide.

Is there any organic basis to this massive increase? Social, cultural and media pressure. There’s no natural basis for such a massive increase. Only an artificial one.

Puberty blockers have been inflicted on as “at least 4,780 adolescents” and “at least 14,726 minors started hormone treatment”.

“The Komodo analysis of insurance claims found 56 genital surgeries among patients ages 13 to 17 with a prior gender dysphoria diagnosis from 2019 to 2021. Among teens, “top surgery” to remove breasts is more common. In the three years ending in 2021, at least 776 mastectomies were performed in the United States on patients ages 13 to 17 with a gender dysphoria diagnosis, according to Komodo’s data analysis of insurance claims. This tally does not include procedures that were paid for out of pocket.”

This is a severe undercount. Transgender sexual mutilation is so lucrative because it’s often not done through insurance.

“This tally and others in the Komodo analysis are likely an undercount because they didn’t include treatment that wasn’t covered by insurance and were limited to pediatric patients with a gender dysphoria diagnosis.”

The number of surgeries is likely to be much higher. This is monstrous. Worse still because unethical doctors already experimented with discredited gender theories in the 70s leading to horrifying results. Now that the results are being replicated, the American Medical Association is working with the Biden administration to investigate and arrest critics as domestic terrorists.

In the UK and Europe, there’s some debate on these issues. In the U.S., the only debate allowed in the face of this monstrous evil is how to lock up those who speak out against it.

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