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12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children

12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children
By Linda Harvey

“Surely you don’t believe all homosexuals are child molesters!” That’s the indignant response to growing concerns about open, proud homosexuals having such easy access to children and teens. New policies granting unprecedented rights to those involved in homosexual behavior connect more and more children to these proud sinners. Outright pedophilia aside, there are still many opportunities for these deviant adults to interact with and negatively influence children.

I write this article with great sadness, because every day that goes by means more vulnerable children are deceived, corrupted and enticed down roads that take them far, far from their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet America’s attitude, even that of the Christian church, seems to be, “Oh, well- as long as they play the right sports and have lots of friends on Facebook!” But what happens to our sons and daughters when we don’t confront and expose this danger?

Every time I think of quitting this difficult battle, the Lord gently reminds me about the children. Libertarians act as if all humans are over the age of eighteen, but every behavior we tolerate as adults trickles down to impressionable children. The public debate about “gay rights” often forgets the youngest victims of the deception and the impact on their unfolding lives. We have to keep trying to expose the problems presented by homosexual political activism even as we try to rescue those caught up in this behavior.

Here are 12 reasons why homosexual adults and children do not mix:

1. Adults proudly living a homosexual life are disastrous role models. That lesbian teacher may be a personable expert in her subject, but her immoral lifestyle may mislead children. As she proclaims that homosexuals are always victims, displays the picture of her partner or “wife,” and befriends confused “LBGT” youth, many kids will come to exactly the wrong conclusion: “Ms. Warren seems nice, so the ‘gay’ life must be okay.”

2. Children living a home headed by homosexual adults are exposed to the same poor examples in triple intensity and intimacy. Same -sex- coupled parents live a huge lie, deceiving themselves and the children, because they were not “born this way,” this is not “marriage,” and they are in all probability engaging in physically risky behaviors, like males who have anal sex . Just talk to emergency room doctors to find out the harmful outcomes of “faux” intercourse. These relationships can turn volatile in a second, with higher rates of domestic violence, putting everyone in the household at risk. Homosexual adults are typically high consumers of pornography, another element poisonous to the young.

Children from such homes have more problematic lives as young adults, according to a study by Dr. Mark Regnerus, findings spurned by vocal homosexual activists in America. Still, the study was academically validated by the University of Texas.

3. Transvestite men or “drag king” women are deeply disturbing to children. Gender confusion is deep delusion, denying the obvious while constructing a complicated pretense. It appears scary and phony to children because it is. In public schools, these confused people expect to keep their teaching jobs (like Gary Sconce at Yosemite High School), insisting on their selfish goals regardless of the impact on students. Grade school children are now being taught in programs like “Welcoming Schools” that a schoolmate or teacher dressing and acting as the opposite sex is not bizarre and disordered, but everyone else must adjust and cooperate with the deceit. So in California, boys are now playing on the girls’ softball team and little children are being encouraged to switch genders if they wish.

By law in New Jersey and California, a teen’s homosexual feelings can’t be changed by counseling because it’s “harmful,” but gender remains infinitely flexible. And we wonder why children don’t respect adults.

4. Students are sometimes blank slates for the indoctrination plans of homosexual political activists, teachers and others. These innocent minds are taught to affirm sexual perversion, but often in concert with the entire platform of destructive, leftist causes. GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) has launched local and regional youth conferences to do exactly this. Mom and Dad may be in the dark, because indoctrination programs prey especially on the neglected child with preoccupied parents. It’s a recipe for creating the low-information junior barbarian with an anarchist, “Occupy Wall Street” mentality.

5. Now to the dynamite question: yes, some homosexually-identified adults do have sex with underage teens and even children. What percentage of openly “LGBT” adults do this is anyone’s guess. It’s not all of them, of course, but it certainly seems to occur disproportionately more than among heterosexuals. There is a contingent within homosexual circles pushing for adults to gain more access to minors, sometimes disguised as support for “questioning” kids. When allegations about celebrities assaulting youth are made, the left is silent. The major homosexual groups do nothing to discourage those adults among them who would betray and violate children in this way. The latest Hollywood pedophile scandal about homosexual producer Bryan Singer and others is a big yawn for the mainstream media.

And there’s little justice for victimized children. Larry Brinkin, a former San Francisco Human Rights Commission official and “gay” icon, was caught with child porn-men having sex with toddler boys- and will only serve a mere six months of his sentence. Homosexual groups support lunacy like Harvey Milk Day in California public schools. It’s a school event honoring the former San Francisco city official murdered for reasons unrelated to homosexuality, yet still portrayed as a “gay” martyr. Milk had an open preference for underage teen boys.

Community homosexual clubs for youth often accept 13-year-olds (or even younger kids) with no identification or permission from parents required, who then interact and socialize with homosexual adults. To understand how important youth are to the “gay” movement, witness the recent pressure on the Boy Scouts to allow openly homosexual boys in their troops. The activities, reading material and programs of groups like GLSEN and Human Rights Campaign seem to create open doors for sexual violation, even if the groups claim it’s not explicitly encouraged.

Homosexuals scream over such accusations, but all it would take to prevent conservatives from making such claims is to see a visible effort by major “gay” groups to limit access, punish victimizers, and protect children. No such effort is ever done-quite the opposite-so I among others will keep re-stating the obvious: children and adult homosexuals are a dangerous combination.

6. Exposure of kids to pornographic material is fine with these folks. It’s “censorship” if we don’t allow children to explore textual and visual pornography that steals their innocence and seduces some into an early sexual debut. From the American Library Association to health educators, to school counselors who meet with children in private, to advocacy groups, the “LGBT” lobby has no problem with ten-year-olds reading graphic sexual material, attending nudity-laden “pride” events, or mixing with unknown adults who “chaperone” homosexual proms for youth. They essentially don’t care if children become corrupted, probably because many of them were similarly seduced as children.

7. Children quickly learn from homosexual adults that Christians are the “enemy.” Much effort is devoted to smearing and demonizing believers, who form the main obstacle to unrestricted sexual license. For this reason if nothing else, Christian churches should be taking an active and visible stand against homosexual political goals and the interactions of these folks with children. It’s no wonder open homosexuals are taking aggressive, unjust steps to silence or undermine the Christian church.

8. Despite health risks that are well documented by the Centers for Disease Control and other agencies, children seldom hear the whole story in public schools or anywhere else and in fact, are often deliberately misled. The homosexual/pro-abortion network makes sure that sex educators in public schools normalize practices like anal and oral sex, push condom use and even low-dose drugs as the panacea for well-known risks, minimizing the potential life-altering consequences.

9. Parental rights are mocked and dismissed by the adult leaders of the homosexual lobby. The founder of GLSEN, Kevin Jennings, famously said, regarding conservative objections to the promotion of homosexuality to kids, “F*** ’em!”In many schools where homosexual clubs exist ( often called “gay-straight alliances”), parents are not notified if a son or daughter joins one, and yet within these clubs are often other students advocating and already involved in homosexual sex, and an adult homosexual teacher “advisor” as well.

10. The real experiences of ex-homosexuals are deliberately withheld from students. Talk about the subject of “LGBT” issues as much as possible with teens, but when this angle comes up, there’s immediate scoffing and censorship. Children are quickly told to never take seriously the possibility of change, and to back this up, laws have been passed in California and New Jersey to prevent counselors from helping teens change homosexual feelings. They are free to help a 12-year-old change genders, however.

11. By demonizing conservative views, “gay” activists mount a wall preventing many kids from hearing the whole story. Homosexuals use the cyberspace environment to try to destroy those who tell children and their parents the truth. The Southern Poverty Law Center has named as “hate groups” many responsible, pro-family Christian groups trying to sound the alarm about child-homosexual interactions. Full disclosure: my group, Mission America, is unfairly named among these.

12. By early corruption, homosexuals may put a stumbling block in the way of eternal salvation for many children, one that is often difficult to overcome. God has one message on this behavior and it’s a loud and unchanging “No.” Genesis 19, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, is not a story accidentally included in the biblical narrative, but serves as a shocking picture of where this lifestyle leads. It’s a dire warning, spelling out the grave consequences for societies that embrace or tolerate this conduct.

Homosexuality is called an “abomination” in Leviticus. The Apostle Paul calls it a degrading passion in Romans 1. How can we ignore this? And how can we ignore the words of Jesus in Matthew 18: 6 warning that those who lead children into sin will be punished so severely that a millstone may as well be tied around their necks as they are thrown into the sea? Yet so-called “gay Christians” have growing influence among young Americans.

We may be moving from a time where our biggest challenge was to witness to homosexuals, into a time where our biggest task is to protect the innocent from them. There are exceptions, of course, and I count on all my fellow believers to have the discernment to recognize those opportunities. But what greatly grieves me is that so few see the need for protection that is clearly before us. Too often the approach is to have no fear as we toss our children out in the world with no defense.

Well, the wolves are ready for them. Let’s hope there’s still time to pull them back inside before it’s too late.

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