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The Rise of Babylon

The Rise of Babylon
By: Pete Garcia

It appears that after all our blustering about ‘red-lines’ and ‘points of no return’, the US will concede to the Middle East having their own version of North Korea. Of course we do so at the cost of two strategically important nations, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

My question is in what possible scenario does a nuclear-armed Iran serve US interests?Why do we fear extremists getting control of nuclear weapons in Pakistan, but do nothing to stop the extremists in Iran from getting them?

It is a largely held notion, that Iran already possesses some form of nuclear weapon. Whether they got it directly from North Korea, China, Russia, or they acquired them through the ‘black market’ we don’t know, and those who do know, aren’t saying. We at least have to work under the assumption that they do until proven otherwise.

But what is driving the Iranians to race toward a seemingly foolish and destructive end? Supposedly, it is there Mahdi-driven eschatology, but we know who is really behind what is driving them. But like everything else, the seemingly chaotic geo-political posturing of today is divinely shaping the geo-political landscape of tomorrow.

C’est la vie

If the US and EU are willing to live with a nuclear armed Iran (which it appears they are), then Israel will have no choice but to hit Iran, and hit them hard. I think they’ll kick off events with an EMP attack which will blind and daze the Iranian Qud forces. This will be followed by multiple devastating attacks on both their nuclear and military weapons facilities should effectively stop Iran in their tracks. But what is viewed as an existential threat to the Israelis, is being viewed by the West as an overreaction. Neville Chamberlain anyone?

Israel is alone. We have no diplomatic option.

No matter what Israel says, no matter what it does, neither the US nor any other Western power is ever going to be convinced to take the only step that would set back Iran’s nuclear program – bombing its nuclear installations. No matter what, neither Obama nor any European leader will ever support an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear installations.

Israel’s back is to the wall. That is the meaning of the talks in Geneva. If we aren’t prepared to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, we have to stop talking and start acting. And we need to prepare for the diplomatic hell that will break loose thereafter. (Article)

Caroline Glick’s article emphasizes the seriousness with which they see the events unfolding and how improbable we see it. What serves as major, front page news in Israel barely gets a blip over here on our 24/7 non-stop news coverage. Most American’s couldn’t tell you where either country was on a map if you asked them. So if Netanyahu can’t convince the West to ramp up economic sanctions on Iran’s almost broken economy, then they will be forced to act alone. Seeing that we are about to do the opposite of ramping up sanctions, should be a glaring green light to Netanyahu.

Hold that thought…

The Enemy of my Enemy…

The Israelis are keenly aware of the fact that the moment they hit Iran, Iran will mobilize Hezbollah, Hamas, and every other terrorist faction with an AK-47 and a grudge against Israel to launch their own close range attacks. This could possibly tie in a Psalm 83 scenario.

Bashar Assad may jump in this as well, knowing that if he doesn’t, his Persian life-line will be cut off. The Israelis know their only going to get one shot at this in today’s politically hostile climate. So their best bet is to take everyone out in one fail swoop. So better to do it right the first time, and ask for forgiveness later…then only do half measures now and still face the same political wrath. They learned that lesson from their previous engagement with Hezbollah in 2006.

The West maybe pushing Israelis to attack Iran, which would completely absolve them from doing any of the heavy lifting of taking out Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It would also absolve us with China specifically, who along with the rest of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), have grand plans for the Middle East.

Even if the Israelis take out Iran’s nuclear and military capabilities, as well as radical and uncontrollable terrorist factions around the Middle East, all the better for the US and EU. Even better would be for Israel to face the wrath of China, Russia, and Turkey alone, all the while the US, EU, and Saudi’s sit back and act concerned as the Magog coalition comes against tiny Israel. (Ez. 38:13)

I imagine there will be much politicized consternation and feet stomping on CNN and MSNBC by the Western leaders…post-attack. They will use the UN as a bully pulpit to clobber Israel diplomatically, further isolating and pressuring Israel to concede to the ‘agreement with hell’ as noted in Isaiah 28. This might include Israel coming under the administration of the EU via the Med Union or some other transnational organization. This would have to entail Israel agreeing to exclusive natural gas deals with the EU, freeing the EU from having to rely on Russia for their energy needs.

It also possible that Israel is brought in as a member of NATO or NATO agrees to provide for their future security. NATO has lost confidence in Turkey, as Turkey is turning east to its SCO comrades. If Israel successfully neutralizes their immediate and distant threats this time sufficiently, then they might concede to this proposal after the fact.

E Tu Gog?

Russia and Iran, along with the other hodge-podge of Ezekiel 38 cohorts will act to oppose this economic and political posturing by the West, leading to the justification for their prophetically brazen attack. They’re already positioned to do so with Russia and China entering into the Mediterranean. I’m inclined to think that the coalition will be slightly different than what is popularly held too.

I personally don’t think Russia proper will fight, but will propel the “Stan’s” (former Soviet satellite Islamic provinces) and other Islamic nations to fight for them: Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan (with US training and equipment), Tajikistan, Chechens, and Dagestan. We know that Turkey, Ethiopia (or more likely Somalia/ Sudan), Libya, and Iran will be active participants. I also believe that both China and Russia will fund and arm the effort from behind the scenes.

Aside from the Russians scientists and engineers that were working in these nuclear facilities when the Israelis strike, justifying their attack on Israel. They will also come for securing the natural gas fields that lie off Israel’s coasts, attempting to keep the EU right where they want them…dependent on them for most of their energy needs.

Kings of the East

China is currently the up and coming world superpower. They are the single largest foreign debt holder of US bonds and treasuries. Their sudden rise to power is the reason why President Obama was advised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to do the “Pacific Pivot” because that is who the US Military recognize as its greatest potential threat.

But China recognizes they are being contained along their coastline and are seeking alternatives to counter any potential future blockade. This will be an ongoing project, but it would be at least 10-20 years before China could get to the same level of naval power as the US, and they know it. Recently, they have begun rethinking their strategy in ways to match and offset US naval dominance by turning inward.

Wang Jisi, Dean of International Studies at Peking University, and one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers in 2012, argues that China should connect its preliminary actions in Afghanistan to a grander Central Asian strategy.

In an article for the Global Times, Wang argued that China should pivot turn its attention from the Pacific, where it has recently been caught up in conflicts such as a recent disagreement with Japan over who owns the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, to Central Asia, in order to counter America’s pivot from Afghanistan and Iraq to the Pacific. Wang suggests that China should return to its roots as a continental power, rather than a naval power, avoiding head-on conflict while developing a protective western bulwark. (Source)


Instead of trying to play catch up to the US Naval forces (which would take a decade or more), the Chinese are looking to expand westward. Not to say it won’t continue to build its fleets, but will primarily focus more on the land than the sea. This coincides with what the Scriptures state that at a future point, the ‘kings of the east’ are going to move in masse against Israel and the Middle East.

The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. (Revelation 16:12 NJKV)

The idea of mastering the inward travel across Eurasia is not new though. The Silk Road was used for thousands of years until just recent times. Even less than a hundred years ago, this same idea was being floated at the turn of the 20th century. The ramifications of such have the potential to make the Middle East a vibrant route of trade and commercial success.

What is needed in that part of the world is a “Trans-European-Asiatic-Indian Air Line” that will connect Europe with India, and China. Such a line has been the dream of Emperor William of Germany. It was that desire that made him and Abdul Hamid, of Turkey, the closest of political friends, and he secured from Abdul Hamid a concession to build a railway from the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus, by way of Aleppo, to the Tigris river, and from there to Bagdad, and from Bagdad via Babylon (via Babylon, mark that) to Koweit on the Persian Gulf, and most of the road has been built to Bagdad.

“With these facts in mind it can readily be seen that it is the purpose of European capitalists to revive the country of Babylonia and rebuild its cities, and when once the time comes the city of Babylon will be rebuilt almost in a night and on a scale of magnificence such as the world has never seen.” (Clarence Larkin Dispensational Truth pg. 143)

Remember that thought? Seeing that Iran had once been part of the Babylonian Empire, at some point, Israel’s destruction of Iran’s ambitions will tie into a reverse arms’ race that will serve to stabilize the Middle East. The Rapture will move the source of political power and weight from the U.S. to the Middle East. They may not realize it, but both Russia and China are being driven to reestablish the Babylonian dream of a fertile and prosperous Mesopotamia.

Had the US not gone into Iraq and overthrown the Saddam regime, he may have ruled for another 20-30 years or longer, via one or both of his vicious sons. The breaking of this stranglehold of power over the former region of Babylon, signals to us that God’s plan is still in effect and we should see the trend, trend towards rebuilding Babylon.

Even So, Maranatha!

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