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Recommended Resources & Links

We have included the following links to other end times ministries and conservative websites that we think will be beneficial to you in your quest for Christian, Rapture, End Times, Prophetic, and Conservative values learning. We hope you will find them helpful.

Note: Inclusion of a link on this page does not necessarily imply approval or agreement with EVERYTHING found at that site (unless otherwise noted). However, we have tried to do our best to help ensure that only truly sound, conservative, and biblical, and end times ministries and/or websites are listed below.

The Hal Lindsey Report — Hal Lindsey

Rapture Ready — Todd Strandberg

What Finger News — Conservative News Aggregate site

The Truth about Roman Catholicism —

American Family Association — Don and Tim Wildmon

Engage Magazine — AFA

Transgender to Transformed — Laura Perry

Mass Resistance

Preserved Words — Tim Morton

Rev310 — Pete Garcia

Bible Analyzer — Tim Morton

The Silence is Broken! — Douglas Berner

Noisy Room — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Making Life Count — Kent Crockett

En Defensa de la Fe — Donald Dolmus

Quickening Spirit – Christian Resources of the End Times— Beverly Miller

Ariel Ministries — Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Unsealed — Gary

Rapture Notes — Keygar

Maverick Christians — Theodore Wright

Jay Mack Teaching Ministry — Jay Mack

Prophecy Talk with Erika Grey — Erika Grey

The Rapture Solution – Putting the Puzzle Together — Allen Beechick

Concerning the Times — Howard Green — David

Revelation Timeline — David

Watch for the Day — Daniel Matson

American Prophet — Rev Michael Bresciani

Mandate Ministries — Fred & Barbara Grigg

Rapture or Wrath Minisitries — Tom

Standing for God — Rocco T.

Pre-Rapture Commentary — Grant Phillips

End Times Bible Prophecy — Britt Gillette

Prophecy in the News — Chris Perver

Grant Jeffrey — Dr. Grant Jeffrey

Prophecy Central — Ron Graff

According2Prophecy — Evangelist Donald Perkins

End of the World – Victor

Grace Thru Faith — Jack Kelley

Olive Tree Ministries — Jan Markell

Debunker Radio — Bill and Steve

Pre-Trib Research Center — Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice

Lamb and Lion Ministries — Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones

Tracking Bible Prophecy — Amy VanGerpen

Prophecy Update – Brother Randy

The Prophetic Years — Don Koenig

Hebrew4Christians — John Parsons — Britt Gillette

Jews For Jesus — Jewish Outreach Organization — Pretribulation Rapture Information

Prophecy Depot — Bill Salus

Eternal Value — Wilfred Hahn

Sound Christian

Westside Baptist Church

The Amazing Bible

Prophecy Planet

Focus on Jerusalem

Logan’s Warning – Islam In Action

Christian Links Directory

En Defensa de la Fe — Donald Dolmus

Helping Hands Project

Calvary Prophecy Report

Test the Spirit — Test The Spirit, Apologetics – Proclaiming The Message Ministries

Rapture Watch

Omega Letter – Jack Kinsella

Reason For Faith International Ministries – Dr. Miguel J. Gonzalez

Take a Stand! Ministries — Eric Barger

Armageddon Books

Serve Him in the Waiting

Jesus Plus Nothing – Christ Centered Bible Study

The Bold Christian — Joe

Have A Good Day — Robert

Faithful Bloggers — Shelley and Johanna

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