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My Absolute Best Friend

My Absolute Best Friend
By Dennis Huebshman

Please take just a moment and say to yourself, “My Jesus.” Ok, do it again, but this time out loud, “My Jesus!”

For some, this may seem strange, but after a while it will become natural. It takes time to learn to LOVE HIM above all else – family, wife, kids, whatever. You’re still to love them, just love JESUS more.

Because of HIM, I’m excited about all the happenings in the world today. No, I don’t take pleasure in suffering and hardship, but today GOD is speaking to us! HIS words, given to us through the prophets and apostles thousands of years ago, are becoming even more alive every day. All the world happenings show We will see the SAVIOR soon! Jesus Himself said we should know the times and seasons just before He is to return. Never before in History has prophesy been fulfilled faster than right now. Never before has everything been in place for it to happen. I’m not putting a time frame on anything All will be done according to God’s plan and nothing else matters. However, there is nothing else that must take place before our Savior comes to take His Church away. It could be today, and if so, I would like for everyone reading this to take that ultimate trip!

Unfortunately, some so-called Christian churches won’t see much of a change in attendance after the Rapture. More than 60% of evangelicals are preaching there’s many ways to heaven other than through Jesus, and this number is growing. It’s tickle ears religion without any real substance. John 14:6 disputes this theory totally!

My Wife, Brigett, is my absolute best friend on this earth, and I’m confident we’ll have an even more perfect relationship in Heaven even though as the Savior said we won’t be married. She loves my Friend, which happens to be her Friend too. A KING, Creator of Heaven and earth who always has been, and always will be – loves me!!

I am but a speck in the universe – one on an earth with a population of about 7.6 billion people; yet HE loves me!! HE is my personal SAVIOR, my Brother, my absolute Best FRIEND. I claim HIM with every fiber of my being, yet I am not worthy to touch the ground where HE walked. Now Hear This…No One Is! Yet, this KING desires to have a relationship with Me. Satan’s biggest lie is: you aren’t good enough. There is some truth to that lie. On my own I’m not good enough. But when GOD looks at a wretch such as me, and HE sees someone who has asked JESUS to come into his life, HE only sees the perfect sacrifice that was made by His son for me, and I am part of the Family!!

Been using “I” a lot here haven’t I! Well, this applies to ALL of you as well. Claim your SAVIOR, and HE’ll claim You! I said today’s events are exciting because we’re soon to see 1 Thessalonians 4:16 come to pass. Jesus is my all-in-all and I want to share Him with everyone. He’s that Awesome!

The Church is about to take a trip. I didn’t say Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran or any other title that is on the buildings today, but THE CHURCH!

There are those that have accepted JESUS that will be making the trip. There are those who have only pretended to accept HIM that won’t. This applies to all so-called Religions. The CHURCH is Not a building or a denomination, but it’s the people who worship our LORD of LORDS, KING of KINGS. Religious people of JESUS’ day didn’t get it, and a lot of “religious” people today don’t either.

The Church is built on one foundation: Peter’s statement in Matthew 16:18 says, “You are the CHRIST, the SON of the living GOD”. JESUS said on this “Rock” – or foundation – I will build MY Church. All who call on the name of the LORD will be saved. (Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13) That’s EVERYONE who accepts Him. Some will have never entered the doors of a Church Building, but will be with Him forever. On the other hand, some who have spent a lifetime of going to Church Services will be left behind on that “gathering day”. Their true motives will surface. GOD will not be mocked.

Here’s the exciting part, when JESUS calls, the dead in CHRIST will rise first (they’ll meet their new body which will be made for all eternity), and then those of us still alive will be given an eternal body and be caught UP to meet HIM in the clouds. Shortly thereafter, we will stand before Him at the Judgment Seat Of Christ to receive rewards – great or small.

This is not the Second Coming. At the second coming, HE will physically stand on the Mt. of Olives, and HE will reign on this earth for a thousand years and all who have accepted HIM will live in true peace. Even then there will be those who reject HIM, and when this time is over they will face the White Throne Judgment with all who have rejected the LORD from the beginning of time. At that time, their punishment will be determined, not rewards. And Then, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess the name of JESUS. Even satan!

Our Best Friend wants us with HIM forever. It’ll be a life that you can’t even begin to imagine. John and Paul both got a glimpse of Heaven before they left this earth, and neither could put it in words sufficient to describe it. However, they were more than willing to leave this earth no matter what it took to be with the LORD. That tells me I am right in my desire to be with My Absolute Best FRIEND also. I believe the Resurrection took place because there were so many eye-witnesses of HIM afterward that were willing to be martyred for HIM. Who would die for a lie.

JESUS cannot lie, and Satan won’t tell the truth. Choose this day who you will follow (Joshua 24:15). You may not have another chance. Satan’s second biggest lie is, “Don’t worry, you have all the time in the world.”

There are a lot of people in cemeteries that thought they had more time. Whether you leave earth because of death or by the Rapture, be assured of your eternal home with Jesus. As I have said many many times – It’s your Choice!

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