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Liberally Tolerant

Liberally Tolerant

Liberally Tolerant
By Jack Kinsella

If there is one thing that a person can legitimately say about Christianity, it is that it is intolerant of other views. That intolerance is Christianity’s greatest vulnerability.

History is replete with stories of Christian intolerance and the evils it spawned.

Christian intolerance has cost millions upon millions their lives throughout history and promises to claim millions more. The Bible says that there is but one way to the Father, one way to Heaven and only one name by which men must be saved.

That’s not very tolerant of other religions. Christianity, by its very existence, repudiates all other religions and rejects all other views. According to Christians, there is only one heaven and only one God and only one Savior and only one Holy Writ.

And nobody else has it all — but us. How intolerant is that? (Unless, of course, it is true.)

In any case, nobody is compelled to become a Christian. There are no entrance requirements beyond being a sinner. Christianity is only intolerant of non-Christianity when it is offered as an alternative solution to the sin problem.

But because Christianity recognizes sin as a problem, rather than an alternative lifestyle choice, it means Christianity is not merely intolerant, it is hateful.

Christianity imposes the requirement of loving the sinner but hating the sin. What that says to the sinner that loves his sin is that Christianity is both hateful and intolerant of lifestyles it doesn’t agree with.

For this reason, and under the specific charge of hateful intolerance, millions of Christians were fed to the lions or otherwise executed by the Romans during the early years of the Church.

It wasn’t because the Romans objected to the worship of another god – the Romans already had dozens of gods. One or two more wouldn’t matter.

But Christians claimed that Jesus Christ is the only God rather than just one of the gods, and that apart from Him, no man could be saved from hell and into heaven.

What does that mean? To the lost, it means that those that reject Jesus Christ and the sacrifice of the Cross are condemned to an eternal damnation in hell. There is no escape. There is no alternative.

You can be the most religious guy in the world, but without Jesus, the Bible says, you are lost. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or heaven or if you even care.

In a tolerant and enlightened society such as ancient Rome or its modern equivalent in Western civilization, that kind of intolerance just cannot be tolerated.

Something must be done to provide protection from such hate-mongering.


A lady in Michigan is now facing a civil rights complaint for violating the Michigan Fair Housing Act. Her crime? She advertised for a Christian roommate! Her case has been turned over to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

According to the Fair Housing people, the ad expressed an “illegal” preference for a Christian roommate, “thereby excluding people of other faiths.” Ummmm…what?

Of course a preference of a Christian roommate excludes people of other faiths! The reason is because the lady seeking a roommate doesn’t want a roommate of another faith. When one is looking for a roommate, one is looking for someone they can live with. Someone they can be compatible with.

But this story gets crazier. She didn’t post it in the local newspaper where she might offend Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Hindus or Jews.

The lady placed her advertisement on a Christian church bulletin board, in a Christian church, where like-minded Christians gather to worship.

She put the ad up on a church bulletin board!

According to the Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan, “It’s a violation to make, print or publish a discriminatory statement. There are no exemptions to that.” In other words, such intolerance cannot be tolerated!

Director Nancy Haynes made her case saying, “If you read it and were not a Christian, would you feel not welcome to rent there?” (Ummm, if I read it and I wasn’t a Christian, why would I want to rent there? I’d be grateful for the warning so I didn’t waste my time.)

(It’s a good thing Nancy Pelosi is from California. It seems that Grand Rapids already has a village idiot, so California can have theirs back.)

Hayes said that the woman is facing hundreds of dollars in fines and enforced attendance at a government-mandated ‘fair housing training seminar’ which is another way of saying ‘government re-education center’ to teach her how to be more tolerant of others.

That’s the way things work among the self-proclaimed ‘tolerant’ left. They will tolerate anything except intolerance. That must be stamped out at all costs.

National Public Radio fired FOX new contributor Juan Williams for being an intolerant bigot. He was on the O’Reilly Factor when he admitted that when he sees a person in full Muslim garb board an airplane, it makes him nervous.

He didn’t say he wouldn’t fly. He didn’t say he objected to Muslims being allowed to fly. He didn’t say anything except that it made him nervous. NPR called Williams, (a bright-blue, liberal part African-American, part Hispanic recognized authority on the American civil rights movement) a bigot who should have saved his confession for his psychiatrist.

He was fired on-the-spot for saying out loud what almost everybody thinks to themselves, (including many Muslims). They don’t think ALL Muslims are terrorists, either. They only wonder if the ones on the plane with them are.

Luckily, Juan Williams didn’t have to share the fate of the Cartoonist Formerly Known as Molly who was forced into hiding after being declared a prime target for death for insulting Islam. At least, not yet.

But if the agents of tolerance had their way, he would. Such intolerance is intolerable and will not be tolerated!

Or something.

Note: Originally written in October 2011.

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