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Hamas Militants

Why is the Left So into the Hamas Pogrom?

Why is the Left So into the Hamas Pogrom?
Utopia’s heart of darkness.
By Alan Joseph Bauer

A significant part of western society shows unabated approval of the Hamas pogrom that left over 1,400 dead and three times as many injured. The question is why are they so enthusiastic about the wanton and barbaric killing of civilians.

I have seen over the past 10 days a few letters sent to the purported leadership of Harvard by various groups of alumni regarding the vocal pro-Hamas rallies and the lack of a serious university response. While I am sympathetic to the writers of these epistles, I honestly don’t understand their surprise as to what is taking place on campus, at other universities, and on the streets of major cities throughout the world. On virtually every subject — Israel (the Jews), trans, the environment, etc. — the left has staked out an extreme position that is not open to negotiation or even reality. Show that trans men have physical advantage over women, and the scientific evidence is ignored. Show that nonhuman sources like the oceans produce more carbon dioxide annually than mankind does, and one is tut-tutted into silence. The university has created these pro-Hamas monsters over 40 years of brainwashing on nearly every social issue, and their only goals at this moment are a) to make sure that no Jew is physically harmed as that could be bad press and a lawsuit, and b) not to contradict the student marchers as they are the product that they have created.

Abba Eben, as the longtime Israeli ambassador to the UN, famously said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I might suggest that his idiom be updated to saying that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to make a huge blunder. The Hamas terrorists and their partners from other terror groups and Gazan citizens recorded their monstrous actions in great detail through GoPro cameras, cellphones, and even social media on their phones of their victims — as they were killing them in real time. Their bloodlust was so intense that they wanted to record for posterity how they burned, raped, tortured, shot, hacked, and mutilated Israeli civilians and soldiers. Let’s imagine that they had somehow had the discipline not to record anything or leave behind their clearly printed instructions (lots of Israelis read Arabic) detailing how to kill, decapitate and capture Jews. In such a case, the only record would have come from Israeli security personnel and first-responders, and nobody would believe them—it was a Hollywood set they would claim because Israelis are always liars in their eyes. But the Arab murderers left the evidence and in their interrogations, they only add more details, such as they were told to do whatever they wanted with the Jews, as the attack was to be considered a suicide mission. Yesterday, we had a recording of a phone call from one of the barbarians to his parents—’hey mom, I killed 10 Jews with my own hands.’ Every day brings new and more grotesque details. The Israelis have brought in world experts to identify the bodies burned beyond recognition, of which there are about 200.

So there is a wealth of information on what happened on 10/7, much of it provided by the murderers and their bosses. The left cannot say that it was made up, however much it pathetically argued about decapitated babies and the reason for their heads missing. So the question then becomes why is the left so supportive of Hamas’ undeniably brutal actions? It would not have been very difficult for these university-trained people in college or on the streets to make some simple distinctions. They could have stated that they are in favor of Palestinian statehood but fully reject the violent and barbaric attack on Israeli citizens. But they have made no effort to do so. Why? How can students at Harvard and citizens of London, New York, Sydney and elsewhere march in support of people who by their very own admission and evidentiary support did things that even the Nazis would not have considered doing (necrophilia, for example)? A recent video shows Hamas terrorists taking a boy around his apartment building so that he would tell the residents to come out. They then shoot the ones who answer to his voice and open the door.

There was a story of a famous rabbi who was friends with a rich landowner in Russia. The latter said that he could train a cat to sit at a dining room table and eat like a gentleman, using the right utensils for each course. The two made a bet and met again three months later. And sure enough, here was the cat wearing a dinner jacket and sitting at the table, looking quite respectable. He took the right knife and fork on cue and seemed truly noble in his appearance and actions. The rabbi congratulated his friend and then quietly took a mouse out of his pocket and put it on the table in front of the cat. The cat pounced on the table and chased the mouse throughout the house. The rabbi smiled and said, “Once a cat, always a cat.”

The folks with the placards with “from the river to the sea” and other Palestinian bromides are antisemites, no different than their Nazi, Cossack or Crusader predecessors. Their line goes back through the ages but in its modern form, they channel their Jew hatred through some ginned up care about the Palestinians. With their plan for a Palestinian state where one has never existed, what do they have in mind for the Jews? They’ll simply go back to Europe, US, and Arab countries from which they came? They will be exterminated on site, like the warm-up act near Gaza? What about Jews outside of Israel? Are they safe? Will they also need some special treatment? They don’t like to talk about that part of their program.

The left, in distorting truth and buying into lies about supposed Israeli colonialism and the Palestinians once having their own country, has created monsters who threaten not only Israel but also the Jews of the West. One letter I received said that Jewish students at Harvard are staying locked in their rooms. The university, instead of dealing with the student cancer of its own creation, has offered a safe room for Jewish and Israeli students. I wonder if it comes with crayons and puppies, or if such safe spaces are only at Yale. I just want to reiterate that the Levant was under Ottoman control for centuries, until World War I, when it was divided between England and France. When the Arabs rejected the 1947 Partition Plan and the British left in 1948, Israel was born, with Gaza in Egyptian hands and the West Bank under Jordanian Control. Israel took both in 1967. Again, there never was a “Palestine” run by ostensibly Palestinian Arabs. Period.

The Left’s antisemitism cannot be defeated by facts. Israel spends a fortune on “hasbara” which means explanation. When ears and brains are closed, all of the facts and statistics mean nothing. Just as Israel must destroy all of those who wish to destroy her, those who believe in truth and the importance of western values must give no quarter to the antisemites marching in support of the baby-killers. Don’t associate with them. Don’t hire them. Don’t do them any favors. These people want to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the Earth—like Hitler—and they couch it in terms of supporting Palestinians so as to fool themselves and others. Jew haters have been in every generation. There must be no tolerance for them. If Harvard and other universities wish to coddle them, employers have no obligation to do the same. If news channels want to equate Israel destroying Hamas with Hamas wiping out families, then one does not need to watch their programming. Boycotts brought Anheuser Busch to its knees. The antisemites among us deserve no less.

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Image Credit: © Abed Rahim Khatib

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