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UN Security Council Adopts Unanimous Resolution Asking Someone Else to Fix Afghanistan

UN Security Council Adopts Unanimous Resolution Asking Someone Else to Fix Afghanistan
Why do we have a UN again?
By Daniel Greenfield

Why do we have a UN again? To tackle the tough issues. Like Afghanistan.

The United Nations Security Council admitted it does not know how to deal with Afghanistan’s Taliban government.

The Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Thursday calling for independent recommendations on how to combat challenges in the country, including the Taliban’s crackdown on women and girls’ rights.

“The Council is taking a careful and measured response to a difficult crisis with outside expertise and fresh thinking and essentially saying that a business as usual approach is not sufficient to Afghanistan,” United Arab Emirates UN Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh said.

“Our hope is that the assessment will offer credible suggestions as to how the various relevant international and regional actors can coalesce around a shared vision for the country and how we can advance that vision in the Security Council.”

Finally. A unanimous resolution asking someone else to fix Afghanistan.

It would be out of the question for the UN to simply acknowledge the facts.

1. Afghanistan has been taken over by an Islamic terror group with the complicity of key UN members and the UN apparatus itself: not to mention the Biden administration.

2. The Taliban are dedicated to shaking down foreigners for money but apart from that are going full Sharia.

3. The UN has the option to stay out of Afghanistan, support regime change, or keep sending money while issuing pointless objections to the Taliban.

I assumed that the UN would stick with 3, but it’s embraced an exciting new option, 4. Find someone else to tell us what to do about Afghanistan.

Why do we need the UN again? Right. We just have too much money lying around and we need to send some of it to a destructive international body that spends most of its time financing bad modern art, giving money to terrorists, condemning Israel and then forcing committees to investigate itself.

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