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The Immorality of the Two State Solution

The Immorality of the Two State Solution
A never-ending cycle of conflict and destruction.
By John Nantz

Joe Biden is a famous incompetent when it comes to foreign policy. Don’t forget, his mentor and former boss, Barack Hussein Obama, quipped that one should never underestimate Biden’s ability to screw up any given policy situation beyond all semblance of rationally expected benefit. Well he didn’t say that exactly, but that’s the gist.

So, it stands to reason, if Biden is in favor of the Two State Solution in Israel, there’s probably something very wrong afoot. It’s the same kind of wrongheadedness that led the notoriously ineffectual U.N. to adopt the policy in 1947. The result of this piece of liberal statecraft has been 76 years of either simmering, or all out war in the Middle East.

The Two State Solution has ensured that the seeds of conflict and destruction sprout into a virulent kudzu that, despite occasional pruning, grows implacably, strangling any hope for peace in the region.

Both Gaza and the West Bank are products of this intractable and untenable state of existence. To put this state of affairs in perspective, imagine if the U.N. had carved out most of the south and the northern Midwest states and implanted ISIS in our midst. At least in terms of proportionate land mass, you have a rough idea of what Israel faces.

As an aside, Biden’s wide open border policy is fashioning a de facto American Two State Solution, pitting illegal aliens against citizens in an explosive environment ripe for demagoguery. Tens of thousands stream across the southern border in anonymity. Military aged males forming battalions of potential Mohammedan insurrectionists.

But to the main point, the plight of “Palestinians” is a result of the Arab world’s refusal to accommodate immigration from Gaza or the West Bank. It seems the Arab states take their borders much more seriously than America. As the current Two State Solution crisis evolves in Gaza, Egypt has refused to allow the incursion of refugees from Gaza. So much for the compassion of Mohammedans, practitioners of the “religion of peace.”

As recently as a few days ago, cameras caught “Palestinians” perpetrating acts of brutality on Israeli citizens captured by troglodyte Hamas war criminals. Make no mistake, Gaza is a complex environment consisting of many Hamas fellow travelers and supporters. Innocents that may be trapped amid the gears of war are there due to the inhumanity of orthodox Mohammedans both in Gaza and in the broader Arab alliance.

One thing is clear, countries like Iran are using “Palestinians” as pawns in a much larger, strategic plan. The end game is the much-publicized total destruction of Israel and the Great Satan — America. Yes, that means you, your family, and even your dog if they can secure the means to accomplish our annihilation. And, it’s not theatrics to cite that their maniacal hatred extends to your beloved pets. Hamas has been systematically slaughtering stray animals in Gaza, to include domesticated dogs. But, that shouldn’t shock the sensibilities, given Hamas’ documented penchant to murder, kidnap, and otherwise abuse children — all from avowed adherents to the “religion of peace.”

To this politics of Beelzebub, Joe Biden would make common cause and seek conciliation. But, that shouldn’t surprise, Biden stands in a long line of liberal Democrats who’ve been inculcated with notions of political relativism, and a Pavlovian genuflection before the exercise of totalitarian power. Obama embodied this liberal mind-sickness when he nearly prostrated himself before the princely power of an Arab monarch.

As of this writing, five rounds of hostage releases have been accomplished. While one American has been released, nine remain. This is no accident. First, Joe Biden is an absolute joke. Our current “president” has difficulty projecting power from behind tapioca bespeckled lips. He’s still got a year to go, and it’s unfathomable, given his current tailspin into abject senility, how he’ll maintain the cerebral capacity to coordinate an erect posture, much less function as the leader of the free world. Placing those two conditions in the same sentence automatically elicits a snicker, gallows humor to be sure, given the widely unappreciated gravity of our national vulnerability.

In my view, one of the biggest reasons for supporting another Trump presidency is his track record of accomplishment in the Middle East. From his brokering of the Abraham Accords to the profoundly symbolic establishment of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, Trump’s actual, empirically measurable achievements are without parallel in modern political history. Despite the dubiousness of some in his orbit, a final Trump term bodes well for peace in the Middle East.

Biden is a failure, specifically with regard to the Two State Solution, because he — like liberals everywhere — does not understand the significance of the Biblical history at work. As a professing Catholic, he should be somewhat familiar with the specifically historical books of the Bible that confer possession of Gaza and the West Bank to Israel in perpetuity. It’s a grave error to be on the wrong side of this matter, since God Himself has spoken directly to this issue. Regardless of all the politics, and the depredations of marauding Hamas criminals, Israel’s future is bright. You could even say predetermined.

Moreover, applying the U.N. standard of recognizing national self-determination, as codified in the U.N. Charter, Israel simply has an a priori claim to the Levant region given its roughly three thousand year history as occupants. The claims of the PLO, Hamas, and other assorted and self-interested Arab allies is laughable in comparison. Anyone arguing self-determination in relation to “Palestinian” claims is a buffoon.

Peace in the Middle East is theoretically achievable, that’s partly why all this war, suffering, and death is so tragic. But, peace will require the accomplishment of some right, hard things. “Palestinians” must find another home, and the nation of Israel must return to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — the same God who clothed Himself in human flesh, performed the necessary atonement on the cross, and now sits at the right hand of the Father.

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