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Status of Israel

Status of Israel
By Dennis Huebshman

This is a message I put together in 2013, and except for a few updates nothing has really changed – except for the intensity of events happening worldwide.

First, we’ll check out what Israel would like. I will provide updates, but otherwise it’s the same as before.

Israel wants:

a. Be recognized as a nation. The U.S. was 1st. to accept Israel on May 14, 1948 as a sovereign country. Today, most of the world organizations lay blame on Israel for anything and everything even when it is plain they are not at fault. Our previous president would have done about anything to destroy Israel. Thank the Father we have a new administration that values Israel’s friendship.

b. Peace to be allowed to live in their own land that was promised by God through covenant. No other nation can make this claim.

c. Allow Palestinians to be citizens as long as they agree to live peacefully there.

d. Would recognize Palestine as a state if proper boundaries be established outside Israel’s existing borders.

e. Jerusalem is the capital. Note: Trump finally did the right thing and declared the U.S. recognizes this as the proper capital of Israel. All presidents before him took the coward’s way out.

f. To be free from rocket attacks and all other terrorist attacks.

g. Wants a nuclear free Iran and no Iranian bases in Syria or other places close to their borders. Also, any threats from Hamas and Hezbollah to be neutralized which they are prepared to do. Wants peace with Russia and Turkey, however this is rapidly fading. Ezekiel 38/39 is becoming a very near reality.

Now, what the Arab nations would like – no real surprises here:

a. Complete annihilation of Israel and extermination of all Jews.

b. Jerusalem totally under muslim control. Definitely not happy with Trump and the U.S. for making the announcement about Jerusalem being the REAL capital of Israel.

c. All lands now “occupied” by Israel to be Palestinian even though there never has been a nation called Palestine. Even the U.N. refers to “occupied territory” when referring to Israel. At least our current ambassador is Pro-Israel.

d. All terrorist prisoners be freed before any more negotiating. These are people who have dedicated their lives to murder Jews and have vowed to continue if released. There have been some released in the past, and they were immediately back at what got them imprisoned in the first place.

e. Whole world to be converted to Islam.

f. Go back to boundaries of Israel before 1967. (6-day war).

Up to recently the United States wanted:

a. Israel to give up on large portions of their land and all other points the Palestinians asked for. Claimed Israel was the unreasonable one!

b. Palestinians don’t have to recognize Israel as a nation. Our new U.N. ambassador fights this daily.

c. Run Israel’s business as if it was America’s right to do. Now, Trump recognizes Israel is a nation, and they need to run their own country. Has offered to mediate, but not like previous presidents. Has even fired staff members who were anti-Israel to keep America on the right track. He’s not afraid of insulting the PLO by calling them out on their schemes, and it has really hurt them.

Special notes:

Should Israel lose a war, it would mean total annihilation not just defeat.

Even though Israel tries to be fair in all dealings with other nations, they are blamed as aggressors if they protect themselves or retaliate for acts of war committed against them. This is getting more and more evident in the U.N. and other World Organizations.

Rockets are being fired at Israel from Gaza and other locations using civilian neighborhoods, schools and hospitals as cover. When Israel strikes back, they are accused of being terrible aggressors. Lately, Israel has issued warnings that if other nations allow terrorists to use them as launch sites, Israel will defend itself like never before. Has said would consider innocents, but not to the point of allowing continued aggression.

Israel has made the statement that Iran’s nuclear program needs to be stopped and followed up by saying they will stop them.

Nothing should be surprising here. It’s predicted in the Bible that Israel would be alone against the world in the last days.

God’s covenant with Israel is not null and void. It remains today. He has not given up on them in favor of the Church. Church came after the covenant with Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and David. It still stands. Covenant with the believing Church will be handled separately by God, and is valid for all believers, but Israel still chosen people. Several religions teach Israel is no longer in God’s favor, but they are very wrong. He makes this clear in Romans 11:25.

God also promised that when Israel would be back in their land this time, they would never be taken from it again. Yes, they will be persecuted during the 7-year tribulation, but He will see they are not totally destroyed. In fact, it is God that protects them in the Ezekiel war.

We need to be praying for Israel and the Jewish people. As I said before, during the tribulation, they will all come to know Jesus is their Messiah, but they will go through a terrible cleansing process to do so.

As Christians, as long as we accept Jesus our future is secure, and we will be with Him forever. Difference is those who have accepted Him will not go through the wrath God will unleash on this earth. This is promised in several places in the Bible.

By the way, the Bible does not mention any “religion” but gives the promise to ALL People in ALL the world who will accept Jesus as their Savior. ALL who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13.

Sad part is many who profess to be “Christian” are really not. (Matthew 25: 31-46) They will not be kept from the wrath, in fact Jesus will say He never knew them. Be sure you have TRULY accepted Jesus, and all the events of the tribulation will not be yours to worry about.

Remember, Nothing Fancy. No special ceremony, no flowery speech. Just ask Jesus to be your Savior and to forgive you of your sins. Yes, ALL Have Sinned, so all need a Savior. Start a relationship with Him now which will last forever!

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