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Saudi Forces Kill Hundreds of Ethiopian Refugees at Yemen Border

Saudi Forces Kill Hundreds of Ethiopian Refugees at Yemen Border
Where’s the outcry?
By Christine Williams

Globalist leaders swung open their countries’ doors to multitudes of economic Muslim migrants, causing violent crime to surge, adding strain to their economies and threatening their national security. Suicidal immigration policies have also led to a rise in antisemitism. Muslim countries, however, while infamous for screaming “Islamophobia” to keep infidels in line and prevent them from scrutinizing or insulting Islam, have been silent about a method employed by Saudi Arabia to stop genuine refugees from Ethiopia from entering the country. The Saudis are shooting them, “at close range and firing explosive weapons at groups.” Take note: this violence isn’t coming from al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and the like, but from Saudi Arabia, now exposed for looking a good deal more like Iran than many suspect in this era of its ‘modernizing’ crown prince.

“Saudi security forces have killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers attempting to cross the country’s border with Yemen.” And this isn’t new:

Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers have been tortured, injured or killed by Saudi Arabian border guards at the Yemen-Saudi border. At least hundreds have been killed trying to make this crossing between March 2022 and June 2023.

A 14-year-old girl describes her bone-chilling experience:

We were fired on repeatedly. I saw people killed in a way I have never imagined. I saw 30 killed people on the spot. I pushed myself under a rock and slept there. I could feel people sleeping around me. I realized what I thought were people sleeping around me were actually dead bodies. I woke up and I was alone.

How barbaric, and from a country that sells an image of being “civilized” and “reforming” to the world. A 20-year-old Ethiopian woman also describes the sheer horror as the Saudis attacked resting migrants:

The Saudis picked us up from the detention center in Daer and put us in a minibus going back to the Yemen border. When they released us, they created a kind of chaos; they screamed at us to “get out of the car and get away.” They trapped us into the same lane, they didn’t want us to spread out in case we tried to go back to Saudi I think, and this is when they started to fire mortars – to keep us into the mountain line, they fired the mortar from left and right. When we were one kilometer away, the border guards could see us. We were resting together after running a lot…and that’s when they fired mortars on our group. Directly at us. There were 20 in our group and only ten survived. Some of the mortars hit the rocks and then the [fragments of the] rock hit us…The weapon looks like a rocket launcher, it had six “mouths,” six holes from where they fire and it was fired from the back of a vehicle – it fires several at the same time. They fired on us like rain.

When I remember, I cry…I saw a guy calling for help, he lost both his legs. He was screaming; he was saying, “Are you leaving me here? Please don’t leave me.” We couldn’t help him because we were running for our lives. There are several people who lost their body parts…

Where is the outcry from the United Nations? Where are the long time supporters of Black Lives Matter?

Meanwhile, by way of contrast, on August 10, Israel Hayom reported: “More than 200 Israelis and Ethiopian Jews were rescued from war-torn northern Ethiopia.” Israel also launched the dangerous Operation Moses in 1984 in order to return thousands of Ethiopian Jews from refugee camps in Sudan. As the Washington Institute reported:

As planeloads of Ethiopian Jews poured into Israel, the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) undertook an emergency campaign to raise between $60 million and $100 million for the resettlement of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

But Israel gets the absurd label of “apartheid“?

In 2016, Turkey was also shooting at asylum seekers to keep them out. In 2018, Turkey was again shooting at refugees to keep them out. And in 2021, Turkey fortified over 600 miles of its land border with walls to keep out Afghans.

As Sharia slowly but surely invades the West, an appalling principle has taken deep root: to criticize Islam or cast it in any light other than as a “religion of peace,” much less to insult Islam, is “Islamophobic” and unacceptable. “Islamophobia” has become the priority to be cracked down upon, not abuse and persecution of human beings that is justified under Sharia, and not the Sharia encroachment upon once truly free and human rights-advocating Western societies.

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