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Raisi Mocks Biden

Raisi Mocks Biden
“We’ll spend $6 billion however the Islamic Republic wishes.”
By Christine Williams

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has thumbed his nose at America and the Western world as he flaunted $6 billion in oil revenue that the U.S. had frozen through sanctions, and that now will be at his disposal. According to the Daily Mail:

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says his country will use $6 billion in unlocked funds ‘wherever we need it’ – rejecting a limitation in negotiations with the U.S. that limits the money to ‘humanitarian purposes.’

Then he declared:

This money belongs to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and naturally, we will decide – the Islamic Republic of Iran will decide – to spend it wherever we need it. How to spend our money of course, it is under the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Did Biden actually think that Iran could be trusted to spend $6,000,000,000 from the hostage swap on humanitarian causes? Iran is infamously dishonest. Any money released to Iran will be used for nefarious purposes, including to expand the regime’s powers regionally and globally, to boost its nuclear program, and to fund its continued jihad terror machine via its proxies, particularly against Israel.

Iran has a clear path during the rule in the West of appeasement-minded Leftist governments, such as America first under Obama and now under Biden. Iran was said to have received $33.6 billion between 2014 and 2016, in secret backroom deals facilitated by the Obama administration. And between January 2014 and July 2015, Iran was reportedly paid $700 million each month from funds that were previously frozen by U.S. sanctions, as Obama worked out a nuke deal with the Islamic regime, a deal that was a sham by Iran’s own admission.

Donald Trump and House Republicans are now rightly outraged, slamming Biden for “paying ransom to Iran to secure the release of American prisoners.” It is no secret that Iran conjures up fake charges against foreign citizens and Iranian dual citizens, detains them, and then manipulates the hostage policies of Western nations to squeeze money and concessions from America and its allies.

Under the deal that was signed off on last week, frozen Iranian money will now be transferred from South Korea to Qatar without technically violating U.S. sanctions.

The timing of the announcement to Congress of the Biden regime deal to send $6,000,000,000 to Iran in exchange for hostages couldn’t have been more glaring: it came on the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Under the Biden administration, which is virtually a third Obama term, America’s worst enemies have never been stronger.

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