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Palestinian Islamic ‘Scholar’ Blames Europeans For Everything

Palestinian Islamic ‘Scholar’ Blames Europeans For Everything
Including sex with animals.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

That indispensable source of information on Muslim lands and peoples, MEMRI, has just carried a report on a speech given by Yousef Makharzah, a Palestinian Islamic scholar, in which he accuses the Europeans of every conceivable atrocity, including having “sex with animals and beasts more than with humans.” MEMRI’s report is here: “Palestinian Islamic Scholar Yousef Makharzah: Europeans Practice Bestiality, Sleep With Animals More Than With Humans; Western Civilization Is Inferior, Asinine, Racist,” MEMRI, March 6, 2022:

Palestinian Islamic scholar Yousef Makharzah said in a March 6, 2022 speech that aired on the Hizb-ut-Tahrir-affiliated Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon) that Syrian refugees were driven to Europe by “oppressive Europeans” and that the Europeans are the cause of the Muslims’ tragedies. Makharzah claimed that Europeans practice bestiality to the extent that “they have sex with animals and beasts more than with humans.” He also said that that Western civilization is inferior, asinine, and racist, and that it causes “a man to oppress his brother and kill him with no justification.” In addition, Makharzah asserted that when European colonialist came to Muslim countries, they made the Muslims “more ignorant and shallow” so they would purchase the European consumer goods. For more about Sheikh Makharzah, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 7849, No. 8500, No. 8557, No. 8877, No. 9207, No. 9356 and No. 9411.

Yousef Makharzah: “Why did the Syrians flee to Europe? They were driven there by the oppressive Europeans. Why did the people of the poor countries in Africa flee to Europe?

“They were driven there by the injustice of colonialism that devoured the wealth of those countries. The [Europeans] are the cause of our tragedies.

The 6.7 million Syrians who fled the 11-year-old Syrian civil war were driven to do so to avoid the unending violence of the war, and especially the repeated attacks, by Assad’s army, on civilians. Europeans had nothing to with those atrocities. The refugees were Syrians fleeing other Syrians. Why would the Europeans have “driven” Syrians to Europe, where they are not wanted, and where they constitute a terrific drain on the economies of the generous welfare states of Europe, that provide those Syrian refugees who do arrive with free housing, medical care, education, and family allowances. Fortunately, of the 6.7 million Syrian refugees, 5.6 million remain in the Middle East, in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Only In the crazed imagination of Yousef Makharzah are Europeans “driving” Syrians to Europe.

They brought cattle and beasts into their bedrooms. They have sex with animals and beasts more than with humans.

“Sex with animals”? The only religion whose clerics have solemnly considered sex with animals, and has carefully set out the “rules” that should govern such sex, is Islam. It was that most learned of Shi’a theologians, Ayatollah Khomeini himself, who set out the dating Do’s-N’-Don’ts for Muslims having sex with sheep, cows, camels. Here is what he wrote in his “Tahrirolvasyleh,” fourth volume, 1990:

A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighboring village is reasonable.

Good to know, because otherwise you might commit the unpardonable faux pas of serving the meat of a camel — or of a cow, or of a sheep — you have just sodomized, to people of your own village, and that, as Ayatollah Khomeini reminds us, would never do.

Yousef Makharzah continues:

This filthy civilization that is invading us is the Western civilization. Our leaders and our intellectuals were enticed by this bestial civilization. It is an inferior, asinine, and racist civilization, that causes a man to oppress his brother and kill him with no justification.

The civilization of the advanced West fills so many Muslims with wonder and envy, as it is so obviously superior to that of the Muslims, and this sends the troglodytic Makharzah into a fury. He knows – the Qur’an tells him so – that Muslims are the “best of peoples”(3:110) while the Infidels are “the most vile of created beings.”(98:6) Therefore he insists, though without any evidence, that Western civilization must be “inferior, asinine, and racist.” If it is “inferior,” why have tens of millions of Muslims flooded into the countries of the West, with millions more trying desperately to enter in order to settle deep within that “inferior, asinine, and racist” civilization? And why is that pull felt most keenly among Muslim “leaders and intellectuals,” who presumably have the best opportunity to study and compare the Muslim and the non-Muslim worlds? Could it be because they find that civilization not at all “inferior, asinine, and racist,” but in every respect superior to the Islamic civilization that they with great difficulty are tasked with defending?

When they came to our country, they made us more ignorant and shallow, so that we could become a consumer market for their industry. Through their Muslim leaders-for-hire, they prevented us from innovating. They prevented us from [developing] industry and improving our lives.

So the explanation for Muslim backwardness has nothing to do with Islam; it is the result of a deliberate plot by those who “came to our country” (dar al-Islam) to make us “more ignorant and shallow.” Goodness, how weak Muslims must be, to be used in such a manner. The European reentry into the modern Middle East began with Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798, but the Middle East and North Africa would remain under the rule by fellow Muslims, Ottoman Turks, for at least another century. And for more than 75 years, no Muslim land has been under non-Muslim — European — rule. Yet Muslims such as Yousef Makharzah must blame the Europeans for all that has gone wrong in their wretched, backward lands.

How did those Europeans make Muslims “more ignorant and shallow”? The French remained in both Morocco and Tunisia for a very short period, about 40 years; only in Algeria did the French have a full-fledged colony, with a large transfer of French colons, that lasted from 1830 to 1962. The Italians held Libya only from 1911 to 1940. All over North Africa, even in that short time, the Europeans did much good. They built the first modern school systems, to replace the madrasahs. They allowed girls to go to school. They built the first universities. They modernized agricultural production. They built hospitals and clinics; as a result, infant mortality plummeted and life expectancy lengthened. They built roads, bridges, ports. They did not make Muslims “more ignorant and shallow.” The Europeans did more to educate the Arabs who were under their rule in North Africa than had been done by the Ottomans during more than 600 years of rule.

In the Middle East, the Europeans — Britain and France — were present not as colonists, but as holders of League of Nations’ Mandates. Britain held those for Iraq, and Palestine, and having sealed it off from Mandatory Palestine, for Jordan as well. The British helped to set up the Hashemite monarchies in Iraq and Jordan, and provided arms and training to their armies, but little else. The French, who held the Mandate for Syria and Lebanon, did a great deal to set up a system of secular schools and, as part of its mission civilisatrie (“civilizig mission”), introduced French-language schools for the Lebanese elite, for whom French became more popular than Arabic, for it was the second language of the enlightened West.

If most Muslims remained “more ignorant and shallow,” this was not because of the Europeans, but because Islam itself encouraged submission to authority, and discouraged, even punished, skeptical inquiry. This habit of mental submission kept people “more ignorant” as they rejected, for example, new scientific theories, and the True Believers clung to the belief that all knowledge could be found in the Qur’an, which dampened any desire to learn more..

Yousef Makharzah claims that “through their Muslim leaders-for-hire, they prevented us from innovating.” There are several things wrong with this claim. What “Muslim leaders for hire” were there? Not Hafez nor his son Bashar Assad, the Syrian despots who despise the West. Not Gamal Abdel Nasser, nor Saddam Hussein, dictators who embodied anti-Western pan-Arabism. None of the rich Sunni Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Kuwait, were “Muslim leaders-for-hire”: it was they who paid, and still pay, Western politicians and P.R. firms to do their bidding in the capitals of the Western world.

It was never the West that “prevented us [the Muslims] from innovating.” It is Islam itself that warns Muslims of the dangers of innovation, or bida. Innovation in any aspect of life is a danger for Muslims, because it might lead Believers to want to “innovate” in matters of faith, even perhaps seeking changes in the tenets and teachings of Islam, iand that would never do.

Yousef Makharzah has made wild charges about the West that do not withstand scrutiny. He rants against “this filthy civilization that is invading us is the Western civilization. Our leaders and our intellectuals were enticed by this bestial civilization. It is an inferior, asinine, and racist civilization, that causes a man to oppress his brother and kill him with no justification.” In what respect is Western civilization inferior to that of the Muslims? In its scientific achievements, in its political framework, in its art, its music, its literature, its philosophy? In its equal treatment of men and women, and of people of all religions, and of no religion? In what way are Western states “inferior” to such states of high Muslim civilization as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria?

As to the charge that Yousef Makharzah makes against our “filthy civilization that is invading us [the Muslim lands]” – to repeat, we are not invading you. You are invading us. Tens of millions of Muslims have already settled in Europe, deep behind what they are taught to regard as enemy lands. Please, we don’t want you here, please go home, back to your wonderful Muslim countries, instead of remaining in our “inferior, asinine, and racist civilization,” where a “man will kill his brother with no justification,” so very unlike what happens in the peaceable kingdoms of Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, and so very many more.

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