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Female Battalion of IDF Eliminates 100 Terrorists

Female Battalion of IDF Eliminates 100 Terrorists
Hamas’ humiliation.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

While many “progressive feminists” in the West, for reasons that are entirely unclear, choose to take part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations, apparently unaware of how they would fare in a society run by fanatical Muslims such as those of Hamas, the most effective feminists in the world, who have now shown conclusively that they can perform as well as men in that most masculine of undertakings — war fighting — have been defending their tiny state, Israel, against those who would destroy it. More on their feats of derring-do can be found here: “Squad of female IDF combat troops eliminated nearly 100 Hamas terrorists,” Jerusalem Post, October 23, 2023:

Only a few have had the chance to witness the extraordinary actions of the Caracal Battalion during their battle against Hamas terrorists.

Lt.-Col Or Ben-Yehuda, the commander of this unit, now recounts her experience in the southern Gaz Strip, where her battalion eliminated approximately 100 terrorists. She also has a clear message for those who question the capabilities of female fighers in the Caracal (Desert Lynx) and Tank Battalion.

As the assault on the Gaza border area began, Ben-Yehuda swiftly moved from the battalion headquarters in Nahal Raviv to a post on the Egyptian border with armored personnel carriers. Rockets were raining down, and warnings arrived regarding potential terrorist infiltration in the Shlomit and Bnei Netzer towns.

In the midst of this chaos, she received a message from Lt.-Col. Yonatan Tzur, the commander of the Nahal Brigade’s patrol battalion, who was later tragically killed in an encounter with terrorists. He reported an infiltration near Sufa and Nirim, saying, “There are several terrorists there… They’re heavily armed!”

Ben-Yehuda summoned troops from the mixed-gender, infantry combat Caracal Battalion and made her intentions clear: “We are going out to eliminate terrorists. Infiltration into Israel is happening, and it’s spreading. Stay alert. We might cross paths. We are a strong squad.”…

In total, her battalion eliminated around 100 terrorists. She hopes this serves as proof that there should be no more doubts about female combat soldiers. “Their training and performance on the battlefield have erased any doubts. They fought bravely, saved lives, and emerged as heroes,” she said.

Ben-Yehuda also highlighted the dedication of the commanders who rushed from home to join the fight.

She concluded: “There are no more doubts about female combat soldiers, who have triumphed in every encounter with terrorists. At present, we are responsible for 11 towns and are preparing for any potential ground maneuvers to ensure the safety of the southern Gaza border area and the Egyptian border.”

How humiliating it must be for Hamas that one hundred of its operatives were defeated so decisively, and “neutralized” (i.e., killed) by the female soldiers of the IDF’s Caracal Battalion.. How inspiring for girls and women everywhere, or at least for those who haven’t yet succumbed to the antisemitic virus that has been going around, to learn of the IDF women’s battlefield feats.

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