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Biden Refuses to Vote Against UN Resolution Calling for Destruction of Israel

Biden Refuses to Vote Against UN Resolution Calling for Destruction of Israel
By Daniel Greenfield

The “Right of Return” is the equivalent of calling for completely open borders and inviting anyone who wants to, to come. Except that in Israel’s case, there isn’t a smidgen of ambiguity that the new arrivals will be terrorists there to carry out no long-term demographic replacement, but short-term war and genocide.

The Biden administration has reverted to Obama’s old policy of refusing to support Israel at the UN. Even when the UN vote is calling for its destruction.

The Biden administration abstained – but did not reject – a General Assembly resolution affirming the right of return for Palestinian refugees to sovereign Israel.

In doing so, it broke with the voting pattern on Israel set by former US President Donald Trump in which all such texts received an automatic “no” vote.

The Obama administration, however, had traditionally abstained from this particular text, which comes annually before the UNGA.

“This year, the United States returns to a position of abstention on the text ‘Assistance to Palestine Refugees,’” American Deputy Ambassador Richard Mills told the UNGA’s Fourth Committee late Tuesday afternoon.

He spoke as the committee gave initial approval to six anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian draft resolutions that will come up later this year at the UNGA plenum for a final vote.


Meanwhile, China has a million people in camps, Qatar is using slave labor, Venezuela is starving and repressing its own people, and the list goes on to encompass much of the UN’s membership.

The Biden regime also expressed for UNRWA which is effectively an employment agency and weapons storage depot for Hamas.

Some Israelis are trying to see this as part of Biden’s pressure campaign to force Israel to allow him to open a terror consulate in Jerusalem so that the PLO can stake a claim to the city. But, more accurately, it’s a reversion to the pre-existing anti-Israel policies of the Obama regime.

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