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Benjamin Netanyahu And Joe Biden

Biden Panders to His Far-Left Base, Hangs Up On Netanyahu

Biden Panders to His Far-Left Base, Hangs Up On Netanyahu
Where a leftist president’s loyalty lies.
By Robert Spencer

As 2024 fast approaches, Old Joe Biden is facing some serious obstacles to keep on pretending to be president until he is older than nearly three-quarters of our presidents were when they died. One of the most serious of these is that his far-left base, having been thoroughly miseducated to hate America and all that it stands for, also hates one of its staunchest allies, Israel, and is outraged that the Biden regime appears to be standing by the Jewish state. But Rashida Tlaib and her pals need not be concerned: in a bid to keep these Marxists in line and pulling the Biden lever, Old Joe just made a big push to keep their support.

The Daily Caller reported Saturday that the addled and aging corruptocrat “reportedly hung up on Prime Minister Netanyahu after a heated phone call about the Palestinian tax revenue dispute.” News of this latest embarrassment comes from “two U.S. and Israeli officials and a source with knowledge of the issue.” No one seems to be saying that Old Joe, in the fog of his galloping dementia, mistook Netanyahu for an annoyingly persistent telemarketer, so apparently the hang-up was entirely intentional.

The dispute revolves around the fact that “amid the Israel-Hamas war, the Israeli government has refused to release some tax revenues it collects for the Palestinian Authority that it says would go to the terrorist group Hamas.”

It’s understandable that such hesitation would anger Old Joe. After all, the Biden regime has never hesitated to shovel money to the Palestinians, without any regard for the possibility that it could end up in the hands of Hamas. The alleged president demonstrated, for anyone who was paying attention, which side he is really on when he went over to Israel in late October and met with Netanyahu. He took the opportunity to announce that he was giving $100 million to Gaza, which meant, regardless of his warnings that Hamas better not grab the money, that it would end up in Hamas’ coffers. There was no entity in Gaza that was not controlled by Hamas and that could both receive this money and keep it out of the hands of the terror group.

As if that weren’t bad enough, in mid-November, Old Joe and his henchmen sent $10 billion to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the chief funder of Hamas. If there was any doubt after that about the hollowness of the Biden regime’s support for Israel, it should have vanished with those billions, but Biden’s enraged base demanded more. Early in November, Nihad Awad of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who has said that the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre in Israel made him “happy,” threatened to cut off all Muslim support for four more years of the Biden regime: “The language that President Biden and his party understand is the language of votes in the 2023 elections and our message is: No cease-fire, no votes.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) said the same thing: “The American people won’t forget. Biden, support a cease-fire now. Or don’t count on us in 2024.”

A ceasefire would give Hamas a breather and an opportunity to regroup, which is why the supporters Hamas want one, and why Israel doesn’t. And at very least, Old Joe wants Netanyahu to fork over more money to the Palestinians, without any regard for the possibility that it could end up in the hands of Hamas. “As a temporary solution,” noted the Daily Caller. “Biden suggested that the partial funds Israel is keeping go to Norway until an agreement is reached, a temporary compromise the Palestinian Authority has already accepted.” However, “after previously accepting the proposal, Netanyahu reportedly changed his mind and told Biden that he thinks the Palestinian Authority should accept what funds Israel wants to provide, adding that he doesn’t trust Norway.”

That was when Old Joe got angry. Biden said peremptorily, “this conversation is over,” and hung up. When word of that reaches Tlaib and her cohorts, there will no doubt be great rejoicing, and (regime wonks hope) no more of this talk of abandoning Biden unless he plunges a knife into Israel’s vitals. On the other hand, they may sense that Old Joe is coming around, and press him harder to abandon Israel altogether. Watch for the regime to take decisive steps to do just that in the near future.

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