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Biden Must Decide Whether He’s With Israel or Iran

Biden Must Decide Whether He’s With Israel or Iran
A president beholden to Barack Hussein Obama.
By Joseph Puder

In his recent meeting with President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should have asked the US president bluntly, “Are you with them (Iranian regime or with us,” echoing the 2009 Iranian protesters against the Ayatollahs regime. The US giving a green light for the release of $6 billion to the Tehran regime would clearly bolster their ability to provide increased funding to their terrorist proxies in Lebanon and Gaza. Moreover, the Biden administration has paid ransom money to a regime that will now find it profitable to kidnap and hold hostage Iranian-Americans visiting their families in their native land. At the same time, the US returned to Tehran in exchange for innocent Iranian-Americans, Iranian terrorists held by the US.

The Obama administration anti-Israel policies were clear to see. President Barack Hussein Obama sought desperately to disengage with Israel and embrace the Iranian regime in the name of so-called “stability” in the Middle East. The idea he entertained was that Israel should not be the only state with alleged nuclear arms. By pursuing the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran Nuclear deal, Iran would be able to acquire nuclear arm within a decade. Obama sought to create an equilibrium between Israel and Iran that resembled the US-Soviet Union notion of “Mutual Assured Destruction. “Obama missed a vital difference; The Islamic Republic of Iran is a theocratic and revolutionary regime that believes that their Hidden Imam will appear after what would surely be an Armageddon scenario, in which Israel will be destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The Soviet Union, although an evil regime, did not seek “mutual destruction” in a nuclear exchange with the US. Obama was so committed to appeasing the Ayatollahs regime that even as the Tehran regime subverted the 2009 elections and millions of Iranians protesting all over Iran the stolen elections and repression by the regime, they shouted “Obama, are you with them (regime) of with us.” Obama was clearly with the regime and ignored the protesters.

Now it is Obama’s successor, Joe Biden who is fully obligated to his predecessor vision along with his national security team who were all Obama’s staff members. Were it not for a stiff Congressional opposition to a renewed deal with Iran, Biden would have already made concession to please the Iranian regime and struck a deal. The arrogance that the Iranians displayed didn’t deter the Biden administration. The Iranian nuclear negotiators in Vienna, refused to deal directly with the Americans who had to stay in a separate location. It was demeaning. The Iranian also demanded that the US commit to future administrations not withdrawing from a signed deal. All of this occurred while the Tehran regime ordered most nuclear inspectors to leave it territory and disassembled the inspectors’ cameras and other radioactive monitoring and detection instruments.

It is astounding that the Biden administration is still toying with making a deal with Iran despite its commitment to the destruction of Israel, and the elimination of the US presence in the Middle East. Iran’s foreign policy is anti-American and its new alliance with China and Russia (providing drones to Russia to attack Ukraine civilians) makes US efforts to deal with Iran inexplicable. Still, it appears that the two governments (US and Iran) are exploring a possible informal agreement designed to avert a crisis over Iran’s accelerating nuclear program. Reports of a possible informal understanding on nuclear issues first appeared in the Israeli and Iranian press. PM Netanyahu has made it clear that without a credible military option against Iran, the Islamic Republic would continue its march towards a nuclear bomb. The Biden administration, on the other hand, is not interested in a confrontation with Iran. Biden’s weak strategy is to contain Iran instead. But without the military option on the table, Iran is clearly not intimidated by Biden’s “containment” policy.

Meanwhile, the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), has said that Saudi Arabia would be forced to obtain nuclear weapons if its regional rival Iran does. In a Fox-TV news interview he said his country was concerned about any other nation developing nuclear weapons, a reference to Iran. He added, “If they (Iran) get one, we have to get one,” adding that “It would be necessary for security reasons and for balancing power in the Middle East, but we don’t want to see that.” Common sense dictates that any US deal with Iran on the nuclear issue will not stop Iran from becoming a threshold-nuclear-state, 2003 which most likely it already is. This could spark a nuclear arms race in the region and make a mockery of non-proliferation.

Iran sought nuclear arms soon after the US 2003 invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The Ayatollahs have resolved then that they won’t allow the Americans to do the same to them as they did to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. To ensure that the US won’t attack them they launched their nuclear program, and they aim to reach full capability to employ nuclear arms. The only solution for the US to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power is to use the military option before the Iranians complete the process of acquiring both a bomb and a delivery system, namely, long-range rockets that can carry a nuclear bomb, and could reach the US. Iran currently has the largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the Middle East. It has thousands of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, capable of striking targets as far as Israel and southern Europe. Iran has invested significant amounts to improve these weapons precision and lethality over the past decade. It has developed a 2000-km missile without yet having a nuclear capability. The latest missile in Iran’s armory is called Fattah, which can travel up to 15 times the speed of sound. Iran has the technical and industrial capacity to develop long-range missiles, but it is dependent on foreign suppliers for key ingredients, components, and equipment. It will not surprise anyone if the Chinese or the Russians will respond to Iran’s needs if such missiles would ultimately target the US.

President Biden is unfortunately beholden to his former boss – Barack Hussein Obama. He has refused to put a military option on the table. The Iranian regime understands that and has concluded that they could live with the US sanctions since they have China, Russia, and other nations helping them evade the sanctions. The only option for the Ayatollahs fear, at least in the short run, is a US attack on their nuclear facilities. It is essential to remember that the Iranian regime is driven by theocratic and messianic precepts, and the US and Israel are considered “Satans” that must be destroyed.

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