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Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi Threatens Not Just Israelis, But All Jews

Ahed Tamimi Threatens Not Just Israelis, But All Jews
Invoking Hitler as the Palestinian model.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Ahed Tamimi is the Palestinian young woman who, as a teenager, gained fame for supposedly standing bravely up to Israeli soldiers conducting operations in her home village of Nabi Saleh. She slapped an IDF soldier and, for good measure, kicked him. She became a “Palestinian heroine” for her actions, with her poster plastered everywhere as the very model of what a Palestinian girl should be like. She was made an honorary member of the Palestinian National Council. Of course, her “heroism” was non-existent: she knew perfectly well that Israeli soldiers do not attack women; that the soldier she was harassing — as you can see on videos of the event — simply stood stolidly as she slapped and kicked him. Had he been an Arab policeman, slapped by an Israeli girl, he would have undoubtedly shot her on the spot. Her slapping-and-kicking display was preposterously proclaimed by the P.A. to be a heroic act, with Ahed Tamimi bravely standing up, in true Horatio-at-the-bridge style, to a menacing and dangerous IDF soldier. But the soldier did not respond to her blows; she was in no danger of any physical response. The event was twisted into one where several Israeli “soldiers” — they were pluralized for propaganda purposes — were menacing and dangerous, while she, a lone Palestinian girl (she was not alone — her mother and two other women were with her), dared to defy them. Now Ahed Tamimi is back in the news, for her blood-curdling threats made on Instagram that were directed not at Israeli soldiers alone, but to all the Jews living in the West Bank, whom she calls — using the deliberately demonizing word — “settlers.”

Robert Spencer wrote about Ahed Tamimi here, and more on her latest outburst, this one on social media, can be found here: “Tamimi: ‘We will drink your blood; what Hitler did to you was a joke,’” by Joanie Margulies, Jerusalem Post, November 1, 2023:

Palestinian political activist and terrorist supporter Ahed Tamimi called for the murder of settlers in the West Bank in an Instagram post on Monday, according to Israeli media. “We are waiting for you in all the West Bank cities from Hebron to Jenin – we will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke,” she wrote on social media. “We will drink your blood and eat your skull. Come on, we are waiting for you.”

This is the “heroine” held up for emulation by the authorities of the “moderate” and “peaceful” Palestinian Authority. Her blood-curdling threats about drinking blood and eating skulls are not fantastical, for they accord with the unbelievable ferocity and cruelty of the attacks by Hamas on October 7, when babies were beheaded, children were burned alive (at least one was cooked in an oven), girls were raped, tortured, and murdered (some died from being repeatedly gang-raped in every orifice), and adults had their eyes gouged out, men’s genitals were cut off, women’s breasts were sliced off; children were murdered in front of their parents; parents were murdered in front of their children.

In March 2018, Tamimi was convicted on four counts of assaulting an IDF officer and soldier, incitement, and interference with IDF forces, and was sentenced to eight months in prison and eight months of probation. She was released on July 29, 2018 after serving her full prison term.

The 21-year-old became famous following the distribution of videos and photographs in which she attacked IDF soldiers in several incidents in her home village, Nabi Saleh.

Tamimi was arrested after she was filmed slapping an officer and kicking him during confrontations in Nabi Saleh, with her mother and other young women by her side. She was convicted as part of a plea deal and also admitted to two additional charges of interfering with a soldier and incitement.

Tamimi did not act alone. Her mother Nariman, and her cousin, Nour, were also convicted. Nariman Tamimi was convicted of the crimes of incitement, aiding the attack on a soldier, and was sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of NIS 6,000.

Nour Tamimi was convicted of the offense of assaulting a soldier, and she was sentenced to an actual prison term that coincides with her arrest, a suspended prison term and a fine of NIS 2,000.

Her violence toward IDF soldiers has created fame for Tamimi in the Palestinian community. She is considered by a large part of the Palestinians to be a national hero and one of the symbols of the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s policy in the territories. As of May 2018, she is an honorary member of the Palestinian National Council, according to Israeli media.

This “heroine” now threatens not just the Israelis, but all Jews, when she invokes the Nazis (who killed Jews before there were any Israelis to murder), proclaiming that “what Hitler did to you was a joke” and promising that “we” — the Palestinians — “will drink your blood and eat your skulls.” This is the girl who is held up as a model for other Palestinians to emulate. Think about that. Think about what that means for a so-called “two-state solution.”

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