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BLM Chicago Stand With Palestine

After Uproar, Black Lives Matter Deletes Pro-Hamas Tweet and Facebook Post

After Uproar, Black Lives Matter Deletes Pro-Hamas Tweet and Facebook Post
But the vile Jew-hate was transparent for all to see.
By Christine Williams

Just when the Black Lives Matter group was thought to have faded away in scandal, it rears its head again to stand with “Palestine,” with a crass and injurious display. A Black Lives Matter-Chicago tweet cheering on Hamas in its atrocities against the citizens of Israel, showed up just how dangerous this organization is:

After a backlash, BLM took this image down from both Twitter and Facebook, but the damage had been done. The Black Lives Matter organization has for a considerable period linked the jihad against Israel to race war in the US. The self-avowed Marxist organization focuses less on black lives and more on hatred of white people. BLM is not known for genuine concern about the high incidence of black-on-black crime, or for any efforts to assuage the social ills within the black community; nor does the group stand up for victims of jihad genocide against black Christians in Africa. It says and does nothing about the endemic racism against blacks in the Arab community. It is silent on the fact that blacks are still being held slaves to this day in Muslim countries including Mauritania, Libya, Algeria, and Sudan. As BLM stands in unity of hatred toward white people and targets Israel in its time of distress, it would do well to recognize the racism against blacks in the Palestinian territories.

At least 11,000 black Palestinians live in Al Jalla’a district of Gaza in a neighbourhood called “Al Abeed” which means slaves in Arabic.

In an ABC news article entitled From the start, Black Lives Matter has been about LGBTQ lives, the genuine plight of the LGBTQ+ community in the Palestinian Territories is conveniently omitted; many have fled to Israel for their lives. The “ghastly beheading” of gay Palestinian Ahmad Abu Murkhiyeh in 2022 highlighted this issue.

BLM does not focus on successful blacks, or even the fact that America had a black president. It does not work toward the noble cause of a better society for blacks, and for everyone equally. Last year, BLM refused to help a black Chicago pastor raise money for a community center for youth education and job training, as the organization’s leader pocketed a huge amount of money.

The inconvenient truth is that BLM is wholly and solely founded upon the hatred of white people. A co-founder also said last year: “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here.” This is true to the extent that it even endorsed Hamas’ intentional murder of Israeli babies. The group appeals to the ignorant, who embrace any crumbs of perceived victory in the BLM’s pursuit of hate, destruction and revolution.

BLM founder Patrisse Cullors once stated: “If we don’t step up to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel, we’re doomed.”

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