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A Pivotal Time in Israel

A Pivotal Time in Israel
By Hal Lindsey

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s fragile governing coalition may have just doomed itself. They were unable to renew a law that has been automatic ever since the Six Day War. The statute simply applies Israeli law to Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria. It is an essential law, and failure to pass it creates a major problem. Many observers see it as the last straw that will bring down the present coalition.

Writing for Newsweek in April, Israeli columnist Caroline Glick said, “The glue that formed the basis of the Bennett-Lapid government, which is comprised of three small right-wing parties, two moderate-left parties, two radical-left parties and the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Islamic party Ra’am, is a common hatred for Netanyahu…. Ousting Netanyahu required them to form a government with the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Left.”

As the leader of Israel’s New Right Party, Prime Minister Bennett bills himself as a conservative. But as you can see from Caroline Glick’s comments, the coalition he put together in order to form a government is anything but conservative. Bennett only won seven seats in the last election. That’s 5 percent of the seats. But he was able to maneuver his way into the job of Prime Minister.

During the campaign, he promised not to form a government with the extreme left or with an Arab party aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. After the election, he promptly did both of those things.

Despite Bennett’s conservative past, his government has repeatedly acceded to the agenda of the left-wing. That’s despite the fact that, as a nation, Israel remains largely conservative. At the time of the last election, former Prime Minister Netanyahu was being charged with major crimes. But the case against him is now falling apart.

Without that unique circumstance, there is no way people aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and extreme leftists would be running Israel’s government. But for the moment, that seems to be what’s happening. This government has not stood up to the latest wave of Palestinian terrorism. But they have ceded more and more of Israel’s sovereignty to the Palestinians. And the Israeli people seem fed up.

In a bid to keep his power, Bennett recently invoked the Bible. According to Israel Today, “Bennett stated that if his government falls, Israel will return to a state of ‘tohu va’vohu,’ the two words from Genesis 1:2 that are typically translated as ‘without form and void.’”

It is stunning thing for a political leader to say that he does for his nation what God did when He created the world. It does not bode well for him or his coalition.

Keep your eyes on Israel, folks. Amazing things are afoot.

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