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Turkish Muslim Takeover of Hagia Sophia is Vandalizing the Church

Turkish Muslim Takeover of Hagia Sophia is Vandalizing the Church
By Daniel Greenfield

Whether it’s in India, Israel or Turkey, Muslims take over the holy places of the people whom they conquered and colonized, and then proceed to build their own victory mosques, or transform existing holy sites into mosques, while doing as much damage as they can to the site.

The Islamist Erdogan regime, a brutal dictator who retains the backing of most western governments, and whom Obama praised as a role model, chose to undo a major secularist post-Ottoman reform by seizing the Hagia Sophia to turn the former church, which had been a museum, into a mosque.

Erdogan’s Islamist hijacking of the Hagia Sophia was no different than the Taliban blowing up Buddhist statues or ISIS destroying archeological remains. And yet the world insists on pretending that Erdogan is somehow different because he claims the mental of Islamist “democracy”.

And meanwhile the Islamist vandalism continues apace.

A number of marble tiles on the floor of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which was turned back into a mosque in 2020 after serving as a historical museum for decades, have reportedly been cracked by heavy machinery used to clean the building last week. According to the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, a tour guide on the site said, “This historic building has faced tremendous damage. When Hagia Sophia was a museum, people visited it with great respect. It’s like a fairground now.”

Or more specifically a victory mosque and the purpose of a victory mosque is to proclaim, “Allahu Akbar”, the supremacy of Islam through force by humiliating the “infidels”.

According to Arie Amaya-Akkermans, a classicist and fervent cultural commentator based in Istanbul, the reconversion of the building into a mosque is a symbol of contemporary Turkey, “where heritage of the ‘other’ is destroyed and plundered in broad daylight to make way for uncontrolled development or simply for the pleasure of vandalism.”

That’s Islam.

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